‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown’s Estranged Daughter Insults Papa Brown and Rest of Kin

Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown‘s estranged daughter Twila Byars popped up online to toss out a few disparaging words about her DNA lineage. It seems the Texas native is happy to be far away from her father’s circus.

Billy Brown’s daughter from his first marriage sounds like she feels she was spared the DNA flaws running rampant through her family. It looks like she’s pointing to the Billy Brown clan who roam the wild with her father as their ringleader. Alaskan Bush People veteran fans met Twila on an earlier season when she visited her father.

Alaskan Bush People: Estranged Daughter of Billy Brown – Twila Byars Speaks Up

Ami Brown, along with Twila’s seven step-siblings welcomed her with open arms when as she made an appearance at their Alaskan Browntown. But that was a few years back. Today Twila Byars claims she’s thankful as she recently came to a realization.

Twila said she’s never been what you might call the “average person”. She also claims she never had that herd mentality. She felt like she walked to the beat of her own drummer. But now she realizes that she is the normal one among those with whom she shares DNA. Apparently that’s Billy Brown and his Alaskan Bush People tribe.

While she considers herself boring, she also said “boring never felt so good”. From what Billy’s daughter had to say, it looks like the Alaskan Bush People brood makes her feel normal as Twila believes she’s not at all like them.

Back in 2016 Twila traveled to the Alaskan Bush People set in Alaska. She met her step siblings for the first time. She posed with Billy’s oldest son, Matt Brown, during that visit. Billy Brown’s daughter comes from a previous marriage. A marriage that took place when Billy Brown was only 16.

Twila Byars apparently didn’t feel like a valued part of the family after that visit. In a family post, she got lower billing than the family’s dog Cupcake. She hopped online to note that at the time.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown - Twila Byars


Another Fake Story Line from Billy Brown?

Twila was introduced as the secret daughter of Billy Brown years back on Alaskan Bush People. When she was due for a visit to Browntown, Matt Brown, Bear Brown, Noah Brown, Bam Brown, and Gabe Brown all scrambled to get the place ready for her visit. They had an older sister coming and they seemed excited to meet her.

Billy Brown supposedly hadn’t spoken to Twila Byars in 30 years but that was debunked as fake. Reports indicated they had an on and off relationship throughout the years. So they did talk apparently.

It seems Billy’s estranged daughter took to Facebook this month, possibly after watching all the odd events on Alaskan Bush People in the latest season. Can you imagine watching your little stepsister about to castrate a Billy Goat? Snowbird is a teenager. At her age, you might expect her to focus on the nearest shopping mall. But certainly not by the oversized testicles of a goat.

Not to mention the fiasco that played out on social media for her half-brother Bear Brown. This guy swooned over the love of his life and then asked her to marry him. She accepted and he was beside himself. That all happened in a blink of the eye. Then it was over.

Alaskan Bush People Chaos Ensues

Then suddenly Bear and Raiven Adams split and then you learn she’s going to have his baby. Raiven agreed to co-parent with Bear. But her mom, Kassy Michelle chimed in to say Bear was unstable and Raiven had to come down from the mountain for her own safety and the baby’s as well.

The child-like creations of Twila’s stepbrothers resulted in jaws dropping among the audience. Especially when Noah concocted a baby bath that plugged in. Fans saw that creation as an accident just waiting to happen as electricity and water don’t mix.

Anyway, there’s one person in the family who feels removed from Billy Brown and the Alaskan Bush People. She also appears happy about it. Despite swimming in the same DNA pool with these wilderness folks, Twila Byars is thrilled she turned out normal.

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