‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown Down a Few Family Members in New Season?

Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown looks like he’s missing a few family members when the new season rolls out in a couple of weeks. While it also looks as if Billy Brown picked up an addition or two to the family, one seems only temporary. But as it stands now, two of the seven kids don’t show up in the family portrait promo.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown Brood Dwindles

The Alaskan Bush People family portrait usually indicates which of Billy Brown’s offspring will appear on the up-and-coming season. In the last season, Matt Brown was wiped out of the family portrait. This new season they didn’t stand them all in the great outdoors like usual. Probably because there’s so few of them this time around.

But instead of highlighting Billy’s missing children, the Discovery Channel promises the Alaskan Bush People will add more to the Billy Brown family for this next season.  Billy and Ami Brown gain a couple of new daughters-in-law and a grandbaby as the new season’s cameras roll.

The Discovery Channel also promises that Billy’s son Bear Brown, an Alaskan Bush People fan-favorite, will have some “big news” to share. The promos indicate this wilderness man meets his “bush princess”. Bear and Raiven Adam’s whirlwind romance already played out twice on social media. But now it looks like fans get to see it all happen in the new season instead of reading about it.

Alaskan Bush People: Family Portrait


Alaskan Bush People: Out With the Old – In With the New

Ami is in her glory with one grandbaby, Elijah Brown, who is the son of Noah Brown and Rhain Brown. Her second grandbaby is due this month as Raquel Brown and Gabe Brown expect their first baby.

Then of course, just as the Alaskan Bush People previews suggest, Bear offers up some news of his own when the new season rolls out its episodes. Fans already know that news. Billy Brown’s tree-swinging son falls in love and although they split, another wolfpack baby is on the way.

Then thanks to Ravien Adam followers also know you can expect to see her on the show as well. She’s promoting her debut on Alaskan Bush People via social media.

So what else can you expect from the Alaskan Bush People show in this new season? The previews say Billy Brown is closer than ever before to having a self-sustained homestead for him and his brood. While the show always brings in the fans, some suggest the show is not long for the Discovery Channel pantry.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Has The Brown Family Reached Their Sell-By Date?

The Browns no longer use the setting of Alaska. Not to mention how the Alaskan Bush People fans assume they don’t live in the wilderness but build this compound just for the show.  So, the shelf life of this series seems to be nearing it’s sell-by-date.

Online chatter also suggests the Alaskan Bush People get closer to their expiration date these days. All these changes render the series far from the original pretense of the show. Fans originally believed they were getting a bird’s eye view of a family who always lived off-grid away from society.

But that’s not the case anymore, all their secrets eventually emerged. Fans believe today what they see is just for the sake of the show. The online mindset is when the cameras stop rolling, the Browns retreat to regular lives in upper-class neighborhoods.

Wolfpack Up Their Game

With wives and especially babies coming to the mountain compound designed by Billy Brown, new tasks pop up. While it was okay for the wolfpack to go without hot water and even running water, that won’t do for a new family.

With the family’s new wives and babies, electrical power along with hot water is also needed for this off the grid living. So it seems these amenities become a priority for the Alaskan Bush People clan.

So, it looks like Billy and his tribe go back to the drawing board. According to the previews, the Alaskan Bush People make an effort to semi-modernize their abodes for their new wives and babies in the new season.

A while ago news emerged that Matt Brown extended the olive branch to Papa Billy Brown. Back then reports indicated Matt would appear in this new season. But he is one of the offspring missing from the Alaskan Bush People portrait promoting the new season.

It also looks like Joshua “Bam” Brown is out of the photo of the family as well. Does this mean Billy is down two sons when the new season rolls out? Only three of the five boys and the family’s two girls appear in the promo photo.

Maybe Josh and Matt will appear on a few episodes. But it’s odd that the two boys don’t appear in the preview photo with Ami and Billy Brown along with their other siblings.

The newest season of the Alaskan Bush People debuts on Wednesday, December 4 at 8 pm on the Discovery Channel.

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