‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown Fighting for His Life after Major Surgery with Complications

Alaskan Bush People Billy Brown underwent major surgery. It seems Billy still faces major medical issues, which is what his son, Bear Brown, passed along in the update and said the “situation has gotten worse”.

His son talked about the Alaskan Bush People patriarch, who recently went into the hospital for heart problems. This diagnosis came on top of the lung issues Billy Brown suffered over the last year. Now he is “fighting for his life”.

On a video clip he just released, Bear said that Billy Brown is still in the hospital. The family is also still in town, apparently to be near Billy while he’s receiving medical care.

Alaskan Bush People Update: Billy Brown Not Out of the Woods Yet After Surgery

A week or so ago Bear got online to tell Alaskan Bush People followers that Billy Brown was admitted to the hospital. Then he posted another update stating his dad faced surgery. After that fans begged Billy’s son for an update on his dad, he finally shared that Billy Brown update today.

While the family rallies around Billy Brown, all is not running smoothly for the Alaskan Bush People today. This weekend Kassy Michelle, Raiven Adams’ mother popped up online. She seemingly has a huge bone to pick with Bear and his wilderness family members.

As Bear Brown takes to Instagram to share the update about the head of the Alaskan Bush People family, he’s verbally attacked on another site. It seems Billy Brown’s clan fell out of the good graces when it comes to the mom of Raiven Adams. So now it looks as if Raiven’s ex is the target for the brunt of Kassy’s disenchantments.

Kassy hopped on her Instagram page to whip some harsh accusations at the wild man who was once going to be her son-in-law. Last week Bear and Raiven hit the headlines with two major events in their lives.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Bizarre Timeline of Events for Bear Brown

First, the Alaskan Bush People son shared how he became shocked when Raiven agreed to marry him. He proposed and she accepted. So the hoopla of congratulations rolled on and good wishes came from far and wide.

Then suddenly they called off the engagement but the two claim to remain friends. Or at least that’s what they said online. After that, the announcement of Raiven’s pregnancy took front and center in the Alaskan Bush People headlines.

Both Raiven and Bear took to their online accounts again. This time to share their joy of becoming parents with the fans. They also claim they decided to co-parent the baby. They claim a marriage wasn’t in the cards for them but co-parenting is right up their ally.

Raiven started to post photos of her baby bump over the weekend as her mom lambasted Bear. It seems something transpired to change Kassy Michelle’s mindset on Bear and his Alaskan Bush People relatives. When Raiven and Bear announced their engagement, Kassy Michelle sounded thrilled online. But today she appears to be in a different mode altogether.

Alaskan Bush People Slammed By Raiven Adams’ Mom Kassy Michelle

Kassy claims Raiven signed an ND (non-disclose) agreement with the Discovery Channel. She also claims that she didn’t so she’s going to tell all she knows about the inner workings of the Brown clan and how they treated Raiven like garbage.

She also claims Raiven came down from the mountain and away from the Alaskan Bush People brood to protect herself and her baby. It seems Kassy alleges that Bear Brown is unstable. So while the Raiven’s mom bashes him, he comes out with this latest update on his dad.

Is it a coincidence this update emerges today after two weeks of the fans asking about Billy Brown? It certainly takes the spotlight off of Kassy Michelle right now. Still, it looks like Billy Brown isn’t out of the woods yet. His son sounded as if his dad still faces serious medical issues.

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