‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown Struggles With Two Sons – One Red-Taped Into New Season?

Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown is still not at a good place with at least two of his sons today, or so recent reports indicate. With Season 10 about to roll out,  despite reports of angst between Billy Brown and his sons, it seems the majority of the family emerges on the screen.

Apparently Joshua Bam Bam Brown returns, despite wanting to stay away. But he signed a contract for Alaskan Bush People, according to reports. It might be easy to split with your family but the same doesn’t seem to ring true with a split from the Discovery Channel.

Alaskan Bush People: Sons of Billy Brown All Accounted For Except for One?

So far there’s no word if long-time fan favorite Matt Brown returns for Alaskan Bush People Season 10. If you watch the preview below closely, there’s no sign of Matt Brown, 36, in the clip. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not showing up at some point for the new season.

When Gabe Brown and wife Raquell Rose held a second wedding in Washington for the Brown family, Matt didn’t come. That ceremony occurred just last month and reportedly the new season of Alaskan Bush People features this second wedding. Matt’s falling out with Billy Brown reportedly kept him away.

Reports indicate that contract is the only reason Bam Bam is on this new season. He’s been in a relationship with Allison Kagan for a few years now.  She was once a supervising field producer for Alaskan Bush People. That’s how she met Bam Bam.

Alaskan Bush People: Family

Bam Bam Brown Stays Away – But Contract Reels Him Back In?

The 34-year-old son of Ami and Billy Brown is reportedly on the outs with both parents. A recent report indicates that Bam Bam doesn’t like the way his parents treat Allison. So he’d just as soon stay away from the filming of Alaskan Bush People, as well as his parents, according to the report. But when asked about appearing on the show, it’s reported that he said he’s back because it’s the only way for the family to keep the contracts.

Matt and his father Billy Brown continue an on-going battle that centered around Matt struggling with addiction. The oldest child of the Brown brood is reportedly doing great, as he’s been in recovery for some time now. Ironically, this was his father’s dream for Matt – to get and stay sober. Now that he is, it sounds like they still haven’t mended fences.

Apparently, the family sides with Billy Brown when it comes to Matt. Because they do, Matt reportedly said how his brothers and sisters are brainwashed by the money that comes in from the reality show Alaskan Bush People.  So for Matt, that seems to explain his siblings’ attitudes towards him as hinging on his battle with dad Billy Brown.

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Alaskan Bush People – Off-Grid Homesteads

In the trailer below, Bam Bam struggles with the rest of the family to get his home built before the first snow. The sons from the Alaskan Bush People clan each get a plot of land on that mountain. They each have acres of their own to develop into a self-sustaining property.

Their dream is to produce their own food and live off-grid much like they did in Alaska. But this time around they have power tools and big boy machines like bulldozers. Their new barn looks much more sturdy and functional then the buildings they put together in the Alaskan wild.

Billy Brown oversees his five sons and two daughters, along with his wife Ami Brown in this endeavor.  Alaskan Bush People return on Sunday, Aug 4, with the family in overdrive building their individual homes. High on a mountain in Washington State, the Brown clan split acres and acres into large parcels. Through Season 10, viewers watch their off-grid struggle to get their dwellings erected before the winter sets in.

The Alaskan Bush People Season 10 rolls out on August 4 in their original Sunday timeslot of 9 pm on The Discovery Channel.

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