‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown’s Home and Compound Is For Sale – Browntown to Get New Owners

The Alaskan Bush People’s Billy Brown‘s former family home and compound in Alaska is for sale. When Billy and his family relocated to the lower 48 states they unloaded their Alaskan compound with the family home. It was the place fans had dubbed “Browntown” back in 2017 when Ami was diagnosed with cancer. Here’s what we know about the Brown’s Alaskan hideaway “Browntown”.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown’s Browntown Is For Sale

According to the online listing, Billy Brown’s former Alaskan Bush People’s property is 29.11 acres of land that affords the new buyer the opportunity to own a large parcel of land. The property is in the panhandle of Alaska. Also, the property is located near several roads and trails and two docks. This massive estate can be yours for a mere $795,000.

Alaskan Bush People fans recall “Browntown” is not actually a town. It is however what Billy Brown called the site while living off the grid in the Alaskan wilderness. Browntown is approximately 14 to 15 miles away from Hoonah, Alaska. Browntown features several homes that the family built themselves. They used materials they found in the Alaskan bush. The compound has the main house, Matt Brown’s hut, Bam Brown’s house, as well as Bear Brown’s treehouse.


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Ami Brown Is No Longer Able To Live Off The Grid

Once Alaskan Bush People’s matriarch Ami Brown learned of her cancer diagnosis, the family picked up stakes and moved. They settled into a rental house near Los Angeles to be close to the hospital that Ami was receiving treatments. So, the “Browntown” we see today is not the original  “Browntown” in the Alaskan wilderness. In fact, it’s not even still owned by the Brown family. But you can bet that fans with deep pockets are still interested in the property.

Ami Brown’s cancer is in remission now. However, her doctors do not want her living so far off the grid. It’s a precaution just in case her cancer returns. They prefer her to be closer to civilization. The other Browns seem to have adjusted to life in the lower 48. The family now has a new wilderness compound for their popular Discovery Channel show. However, Alaskan Bush People viewers have long clamored that Browntown didn’t exist and now with the new listing, that rumor is squashed. However, fans still fell a bit frauded by the Browns lifestyle these last few seasons since the move.

Alaskan Bush People: Is Season 11 The Last Season?

Season 11 of Alaskan Bush People starts airing in just a few weeks. However, fans of the show are losing interest in Billy Brown and his family. They’re not buying into the fact that the family truly lives off the grid year-round. In fact, they feel they only are there to film the show and live quite a comfortable life in the suburbs.

However, we all will faithfully tune in to watch Billy and Ami’s clan build houses they likely will not live in and raise livestock they’ll no longer harvest for food. So as season 11 rolls around this just might be the last. Many Brown children aren’t part of this season. But there’s a new grandbaby to dote on and one on the way.

The new season of Alaskan Bush People debuts Wednesday, December 4 at 8 pm on Discovery.

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