‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Wiped Off Mountain Map By Dad Billy?

Alaskan Bush People Season 10 rolls out Sunday night and it appears that Billy Brown wiped his oldest son Matt Brown right off the map. The Washington Mountain the Brown tribe calls home these days is split up like a compound where each has their own piece of the land. In this case, it’s acres and acres of land for each Alaskan Bush People offspring. That is all except for one, Matt Brown.

Alaskan Bush People: All Accounted For – Except Matt Brown

The Brown family consists of Billy Brown, Ami Brown, and their seven children. But the new map for the Alaskan Bush People parcels of land shows everyone represented but the oldest child of the wolf pack. Matt’s been estranged from his family for a while after a rift with his father.

But fans still expected Billy to at least assign a piece of the land to Matt Brown, as he did for the rest of his offspring. If for no other reason at least he could assign Matt a piece of land for his heritage just like his siblings. Even if Matt didn’t build on the land, at least he’d have the option to do so in the future.

The map shown in one of the Alaskan Bush People promo videos for new season indicates all the kids got a plot of land. Even though the girls might still be too young to live in their own home, Billy still assigned them land. But the name Matt Brown is nowhere to be found in the divided parcels on that Washington mountain.

Alaskan Bush People: Brown Family Washington Mountain Land Map

Alaskan Bush People – Be it Ever So Humble There’s No Place Like a Shipping Container?

The map above clearly marks the territory that each of the Alaskan Bush People will occupy. As you can see Billy and Ami Brown live in the area where the family just built the barn. It looks like Bear Brown has quite the hike to get tho his place. Check out the video below to see just what Bear intends to live in as he plans out his very own home on the mountain.

It looks like Bear already places his recliner in his mind’s eye. Watch as he tumbles across the roof of his new home and attempts to barter with its original owner. Gabe Brown, Noah Brown, Bear Brown, Bam Brown, Snowbird Brown, and Rain Brown all have their ideas ready. Some still remain on paper as others start going up on the land.

The Alaskan Bush People attempt to build everything from a castle to a treehouse. Bear Brown seemed to go the easier route. With no money to spend, he attempts to barter for the shipping container he’s just itching to call home.

It’s easy enough to check out the shipping container. But carting it to the top of the mountain presents a problem. What this costs Bear when it comes to his request to work-off the container’s price ticket is something fans will see this season.

Also, how this thing gets up the mountain should offer entertainment as well. While the family works on housing needs, it’s still up in the air if fan-favorite Matt appears at all in Alaskan Bush People Season 10.

The Mystery of Matt Brown

Will Matt show up at all in the new season of Alaskan Bush People? Well with reports of a private meeting between Billy and Matt Brown recently, fans hold out hope. Matt’s long been a fan-favorite of the viewers. His struggle with addiction caused a rift with his father. Reports indicate Billy couldn’t trust Matt’s behaviors so he booted him from the show.

Apparently, he’d get his paycheck once finishing the season of Alaskan Bush People and disappear for a while. Then he went into rehab. But once he finished his time in the facility his father wanted him to take on a sober life-coach around the clock. Matt said no and this huge blowout resulted with Matt leaving the family. He then traveled around the southern California desert for a while without any contact with the family.

The entire Alaskan Bush People family worried after a month went by with no word from Matt Brown. Finally, he appeared in a few fan selfies online so at least his parents knew where he was still alive and kicking.

But then something happened that drove Matt back into rehab and it seems that last stay worked. From all accounts, Matt Brown is doing well today. What happened at that meeting between Billy and Matt is unknown. But fans hope Matt Brown does show up on the new season.

Alaskan Bush People rolls out their Season 10 premiere this Sunday night, August 4, on the Discovery Channel at 9 pm.

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