‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Posts Weird Photo Then Bam Comments – ‘Are You Alright’?

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown not only has his followers stumped about his latest post but his brother Joshua ‘Bam’ Brown as well. What was he thinking when posting this new photo?

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown Playing with Dinosaurs?

While Bam comments on the “cool picture”, people ask Matt Brown in the comments about the dinosaur he’s holding into the sky. It looks like a toy but there’s no caption or even a hint mentioned. So no one knows where the eldest Brown son is suggesting with this photo.

Alaskan Bush People rolled out a new season this month. All the Brown children were accounted for except for Matt. Even the picture used as an introduction to the show is missing him.

The oldest child of the Alaskan Bush People once had a place standing alongside his parents and siblings in the opening of the show. The family portrait against the backdrop of the wilderness no longer contains Matt Brown. The family bunched together and there’s not even a vacant space where he should be.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown

Matt’s Lifestyle Puts Billy in Tough Love Mode

Matt Brown struggled with addiction problems. He would get his big check at the end of an Alaskan Bush People season and take off. This worried both his parents. Reports indicated at one point Billy was left with no other option than to hold onto the last check Matt received from the show. It seemed that money only seemed to fuel his addiction.

Not too long ago Billy reportedly handed over that check to Matt. It contained his earnings from one season of the Alaskan Bush People show. Much to their delight, Matt Brown didn’t revert to his old ways. But, his previous lifestyle still left him estranged from his mom, dad, and siblings.

Over the last few years, Matt was in and out of rehab a few times battling his addiction. After he completed one rehab stay Billy Brown wanted even more treatment for his son. He requested that Matt work with a sober life coach. It was Billy’s idea to employ this professional to stay with Matt around the clock until he got further into sobriety.

Matt Brown refused and took off into the California desert. For over a month the family heard nothing from him and worried about his well being. It wasn’t until Alaskan Bush People followers popped up online that the family knew where he was. He showed up in selfies taken with Alaskan Bush People fans as he traveled through the desert towns.

Alaskan Bush People: Secret Meeting

Matt Brown eventually went back into rehab and that last time seemed to work. After more time went by, reports surfaced that found himself broke. He wanted to come back and join Alaskan Bush People. Billy fired him from the show due to his unreliability when he was actively using.

The latest reports indicate that Matt recently met with his dad and patched things up. So far he hasn’t shown up this season, but there’s still a ways to go.

But now this latest picture emerges and it looks a bit weird, especially without a caption. While fans hopped on the post and asked Matt about the dinosaur, he didn’t respond. Some thought it was funny. A few suggested he made it look as if the dinosaur was walking the land.

Some just said how the photo looked “cool” but others, like his brother Bam, wondered if Matt is alright. Bam commented, “Are you alright?” He also said, “send you greetings”. This seems to indicate Matt is not with the Alaskan Bush People in real-time today. So was Matt Brown just having fun? He certainly stirred up comments online.

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