‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Shut Out By Billy – Too Risky to Take Back?

Alaskan Bush People fan-favorite Matt Brown wants back in with the family on the Discovery reality show but Billy Brown refuses. According to new reports today, Billy Brown thinks his oldest son, Matt Brown, is too much of a liability.

Matt Brown and his father had a huge falling out a while back about the son’s addiction treatment. Billy wanted him under the watchful eye of a life coach, but the 36-year-old son wasn’t about to let that happen. They not only parted ways on Alaskan Bush People, but in real life as well.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown Pushes Matt Brown Away From Show

After the fall out, Matt up and left – not saying anything to the family on his whereabouts. All they knew was he planned to travel through the California desert. More than a month passed without a word from Matt, much to the worry of all the Alaskan Bush People brood. His whereabouts were unknown and Ami Brown and Billy Brown worried.

It wasn’t until Matt Brown surfaced in a few fan selfies online that his parents found out he was still out in the desert. But Matt didn’t look good in the pics. So he still worried his parents. He returned home to his Alaskan Bush People tribe and did another stint in rehab. That was back in December of last year.

Once that rehab stay was over, it seems he moved in with a mystery girlfriend, whom he kept under wraps. Reports from then indicated Billy and Matt were at odds over ongoing treatment. So, they parted ways. Plus, while Matt went through treatment, Billy Brown held back his son’s check for his last gig on the Alaskan Bush Family.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown

Matt and Billy Battle Again?

Fears about what Matt Brown might do with that huge sum of money played on Ami and Billy’s minds. Matt had a ritual of getting paid and then taking off for long periods of time. But, he allowed the Discovery Channel cameras in to film his treatment for Alaskan Bush People.,

Back in March, reports indicated Billy and Ami held on to a check for $250,000 from Discovery for their son filming his treatment at the facility. Later, they handed over the money to Matt Brown and he still maintained his sobriety. He appears proud of that sobriety today recently sharing a picture of himself holding a chip for a chunk of time under his belt.

Now today he wants back into the family business, which entails filming Alaskan Bush People. Because Billy worries his son may still be somewhat of a liability, reports indicate Billy turned him down.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Returning Would Probably Help Ratings

Matt Brown is a fan-favorite among the Brown tribe. The drop in ratings last season indicates Alaskan Bush People need all the help they can get to bring in the viewers. With Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha Brown with their baby born, the infant will undoubtedly act as a draw.

Despite all Matt’s gone through, he is working hard on his sobriety according to the latest reports. Will Billy Brown change his mind and let his oldest son join the howling wolf pack again? He’s Ami’s first-born child and not having him around saddens the mom of seven.

Then there’s Bear Brown who’s dating model Raiven Adams, who is 10 years younger than him – another lure for viewers. But bringing Matt Brown on back to Alaskan Bush People might just skyrocket those views. But from the sound of the reports today, Billy Brown hasn’t agreed to let Matt Brown back into the family for filming purposes – at least not yet.

The wait is over as the new season returns to Discovery Channel with a new season on Sunday, August 4.

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