‘Alaskan Bush People’ Billy Brown Hospital Update: Condition More Serious Than First Thought?

Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown recently suffered a medical emergency in real-time and then hospitalized and will face major surgery. His son Bear Brown offered an update on his dad over the weekend, reporting that it’s not his dad’s lungs this time around.

Alaskan Bush People Update: Billy Brown – Faces Major Surgery

On Sunday night’s Alaskan Bush People episode, Billy suffered from lung problems. He made a trip to the doctors after he experienced trouble breathing. This isn’t the first time Billy’s experienced problems with his lungs. He was sick with pneumonia a while back and hospitalized.

Billy Brown’s condition back then was serious enough that the Alaskan Bush People family needed to relocate their parent’s trailer down the mountain. They needed to bring Billy and Ami Brown’s trailer down in elevation where breathing is easier for their dad.

Upon his return back to the mountain on Sunday’s episode, he was still somewhat out of breath. It seems the Alaskan Bush People episodes rolling out for this new season filmed in the late fall of last year.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Billy Brown

Bear Brown Updates Followers on Dad’s Health – It’s Billy’s Heart This Time

But now in real-time Billy battles illness again. Bear writes, “My Dad’s condition is the same one from last year”! He goes on to explain that the lungs weren’t actually his problem last time. His medical condition has to do with his heart.

Bear sounds as if this urgent condition may be more serious than first thought. He writes, “Unfortunately it’s not his lungs that are the actual problem, it’s his heart!”

Last week Bear told the Alaskan Bush People fans that Billy Brown was hospitalized and facing “major surgery.” He didn’t go into details regarding his father’s medical condition at that point. Now over the weekend, Bear’s update indicates it’s Billy’s heart that’s the focus of his urgent medical treatment.

While he said his father is facing surgery, he didn’t offer the nature of the surgical procedure or why he needs it. Bear thanked the Alaskan Bush People followers for their support. He also promised more updates on his dad’s condition. The video below shows Billy in distress on Sunday night’s show.


Alaskan Bush People: Billy Struggled Sunday Night

Billy Brown made a trip to the doctor when he couldn’t catch his breath on Alaskan Bush People Sunday night. He returned back to his mountain home shortly after the trip but he didn’t rest. Instead he went to work.

One of the tasks at hand was to get the shipping containers that make up Bear’s home secured. So Billy needed to dig a level foundation on top of the mountain using a bulldozer.

The Brown kids worried about their dad because this entailed him working at a high elevation on the mountain. This played havoc with his breathing. But he did it and the job was a success.

Sunday night’s episode filmed as winter crept in last year on their Washington State mountain.  Now about 10-months later in real-time, Billy Brown is facing another medical emergency. As Bear said, he might need major surgery.

The Alaskan Bush People rolls out new episodes on Sunday nights at 9 pm on the Discovery Channel.

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