‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown Diagnosis Bleak – Docs Issue Warning

Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown was rushed to the hospital having trouble breathing on Sunday’s episode and the news wasn’t good. While they are no longer in the Alaskan wilderness, they’re still in a remote location. Now they live in a rural area on a mountain in Washington State’s Okanogan County. So it took over an hour to get Billy Brown to the hospital as he struggled to breathe.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown Rushed to Hospital More Than Hour Away

After struggling most of the day to catch his breath, it got worse. Finally, the Alaskan Bush People family talked Billy Brown into going to the hospital. Once there, the Brown patriarch was admitted and treated.

For seven hours the doctors drained liquid “from his side,” which is what Billy Brown told his family. According to reports, they drained that liquid from one of his lungs. On Sunday night’s episode, the future looked bleak once the doctors gave their patient some bad news.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown

ABP: Off-Grid Dream Crumbles?

The Alaskan Bush People now live on a mountain in a rural area of Washington. The family attempts to help Billy Brown realize his dream on that mountain. He always wanted to build a homestead for his family and live off the gride. While they were off the grid in Alaska, the new place offers a farm. Billy always wanted to raise animals and grow their own food.

So, after Ami was diagnosed with cancer she needed to be closer to medical facilities. The Alaskan Bush People family relocated Billy’s dream to this Washington State mountain to be closer to treatment for Ami. While Billy’s diagnosis wasn’t given a name on Sunday’s episode, what the father of this wilderness bunch reported offered a rather bleak future.

Alaskan Bush People: Hit With Warning

The Alaskan Bush People brood gathered around their dad’s hospital bed as he delivered the bad news. There wasn’t a dry eye among his family members. Apparently what the doctors told Billy Brown had to do with his breathing. Billy said he had two different doctors tell him he couldn’t go back to the homestead. Because the elevation of the land they live on takes a toll on his breathing.

The air is too thin at that elevation for Billy Brown. Still, he gave his family members a pep talk and sent them all back to the mountain. He wants them to build their own homes as winter is at their doorstep. He also vowed that despite what the doctors say now, he will be back on the mountain with all of them. Ami sat by his side and shook her head yes with a smile on her face.

ABP: Lost Without Billy Brown

The Alaskan Bush People children take turns talking into the camera. They can’t imagine their homestead without their father, Billy Brown. Still, they do what they ask and head back to the mountain to build their individual homes.

They understand they can do more good by getting shelters ready for the winter. Since they’re not at the hospital in case something goes wrong,  they feel riddled with guilt.

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