‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown in Hospital Facing Major Surgery

Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown is in the hospital and facing major surgery, according to his son Bear Brown who revealed this online today. Billy Brown was hospitalized last year due to serious respiratory problems.

Last October Billy’s diagnosis was serious enough to move the Alaskan Bush People patriarch off his perch on the mountain. While it’s not known what his medical emergency is today, it sounds serious enough that the doctors contemplate surgery.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown Down Off the Mountain

Billy Brown’s condition was so serious last year that he needed to move. The Alaskan Bush People brood had to relocate him down the mountain. Before he could return to their new mountain home his brood needed to get to work. They had to relocate Billy and Ami Brown’s trailer, which they call home.

The Brown siblings rallied together in a difficult task. They pulled their parent’s camper down to a lower elevation of their mountain compound.

The kids needed to park Billy and Ami’s trailer home in a lower elevation where Billy would have an easier time breathing. The scene that captured this task showed Joshua ‘Bam’ Brown driving the truck on an icy dirt road. It wasn’t easy as they made their way to the area near their new barn. But after an afternoon of slipping and sliding, they got it there.

While Bear gave very little information on the details of his father’s illness it sounds serious. He mentions his dad faces major surgery. It appears that Bear wrote this post as the hospital decided to admit the head of the Alaskan Bush People tribe. Again, that’s all the details so far regarding Billy Brown’s medical condition today.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Bear Brown Makes Strange Statement

In the post above where Bear informs the Alaskan Bush People enthusiasts that his dad is in the hospital, he also writes something about the mountain. “It’s hard being so close to the mountain and yet so far away”. Just what he means by this is anyone’s guess.

Maybe he means the proximity of the hospital to the mountain. The reason Billy Brown moved his family out of the Alaskan bush was due to illness. But it wasn’t Billy at the time, it was Ami Brown who was very sick.

She needed to be close by a medical facility for treatment after the doctors diagnosed her with cancer. So Billy packed up his tribe and moved to the wilderness on a mountain in Washington State.

Last October it was Bear Brown who took to social media to share with the Alaskan Bush People followers that his dad was in “really bad shape”.  This is when he was rushed to the hospital with trouble breathing. When he came home, they filmed the new season. Now it looks as if Billy is suffering medical problems once again.

Alaskan Bush People: Out of the Bush and Onto a Mountain

So the Alaskan Bush People now battle the elements closer to civilization on their Washington mountain. Although, in the Discovery Channel’s introduction to this season, they note that they’re still further away from civilization than they’ve ever been.

So while Billy Brown’s tribe settled in the lower 48, they still have a ways to go if emergency medical treatment is needed. It sounds like this move not only benefited Ami, but it’s been beneficial for Billy Brown as well when it comes to timely medical treatment in an emergency.

Tune in to the Discovery Channel on Sunday nights for new episodes of the Alaskan Bush People as the new season continues.

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