‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown and Raiven Relocate Off Mountain Due to Billy Brown?

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown and his future wife, Raiven Adams, have moved off the mountain and closer to civilization. It’s Raiven who made this reveal after fans asked if they were still on the mountain.

Recent news from Bear indicates that Billy Brown faces major health problems in the hospital. So this move could mirror the family’s relocation when Ami Brown first became ill.

This certainly does explain a few odd things that popped up on Bear’s social media sites recently. The Alaskan Bush People newly engaged son wrote how he was so close to the mountain but yet so far away.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Updates Condition of Billy Brown

The background of Bear Brown’s posts also changed indicating he’s out of the woods and in the city. Many of the Alaskan Bush People followers look to Bear these days to give updates on Billy Brown’s condition.

So far, Bear Brown is the only family member to address Billy’s plight. He posted the initial announcement about his dad’s hospitalization. Then a few days later he shared an update.

Bear Brown announced to the fans that his father was admitted to the hospital and facing major surgery. Then he updated that message saying that Billy ‘s health problem isn’t with his lungs this time around.

Bear Brown wrote, “Unfortunately it’s not his lungs that are the actual problem, it’s his heart.” It sounds as if the Alaskan Bush People patriarch’s facing something more serious. But without any details offered, fans can only wait for the next update to gauge the seriousness of his illness.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown

Raiven Adams Reveals the Move Down the Mountain

It wasn’t Bear Brown but Raiven Adams who revealed the news that couple is not living on the mountain right now. When asked the reason behind this, Raiven said it was “due to a health situation, we are in town.”

The Alaskan Bush People bride-to-be did follow up that statement. She expressed how they can’t wait to get back and enjoy their beautiful mountain views.

Alaskan Bush People fans can only assume they’re in town to be near Billy Brown in the hospital. Raiven didn’t mention who was experiencing health problems or what the health problem entailed.

Bear’s two prior announcements about his father’s failing health offer fans a good indication. They assume Bear Brown moved Raiven Adams down the mountain to be closer to his dad.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown Shares Tribute to His Dad

Another hint comes from Matt Brown who just posted a tribute to his Alaskan Bush People dad. He started a drawing with one small tree. He then took a series of photos as he finished that drawing. Around that tree, he created an island. This was a tribute to his dad.

Matt said he sketched the picture while thinking of his father. He remembers all the wonderful adventures they had together as a kid. So Papa Brown is on Matt’s mind these days as well.

The Alaskan Bush People clan has come out of the bush before when a family member’s health led them to the hospital. They moved from Alaska to the lower 48 states so they could be closer to medical treatment for Ami Brown. The family rallied around her in the hospital when she battled cancer a while back.

Now today it sounds like at least Raiven Adams and Bear Brown came down from the mountain to stick close to town. Possibly due to Billy’s hospital stay.

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