‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Quick Wedding Predicted After Recent Raiven Sighting

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has tongues wagging today after fans spotted Raiven Adams at a medical clinic recently with her mom. It seems this Wenatchee Clinic is the same place where a pregnant Raquell Brown had her ultrasound recently.

The ultrasound is a routine procedure for a pregnant woman. So there’s no surprise that the Alaskan Bush People daughter-in-law would have an ultrasound. Now that Raiven popped up at the same clinic, that’s enough information to start assumptions spinning online.

Alaskan Bush People: Assumptions Swirl About Bear Brown and Raiven Adams

It seems some of the ABP enthusiasts have visions of a shotgun wedding for Bear Brown. Despite the many other reasons a person might attend an appointment at a clinic, fans seem to run with one particular reason today.

Bear Brown announced to the world recently that he’s going to marry his angel come to earth. That’s Raiven Adams, who shocked him with her answer to his marriage proposal. Apparently, she stunned her Alaskan Bush People boyfriend by saying yes to becoming his wife.

Now, Raiven was spotted at that clinic. So, some folks surmise a quick wedding is in the works. Ami Brown made it quite clear on a recent episode that twin beds for Gabe and Raquell were expected until they were wed. The Discovery Channel filmed this episode before the two tied the knot.

So, would Bear abide by his mom’s wishes with Raiven in his storage container? As the Alaskan Bush People grow in numbers, some fans think Bear and Raiven will soon contribute to Ami Brown’s growing number of grandbabies. If that’s the case, a wedding would probably take place very quickly. Especially if Ami has anything to say about it.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Bear and Raiven Make it Brown Couple Number 3?

Elijah Brown is the first grandchild for Ami and Billy Brown. Noah Brown and Rhain Brown are the tot’s proud parents. Now Gabe Brown and Raquell Brown expect their first baby in November. So their newborn’s arrival will make Alaskan Bush People grandbaby number two.

It seems fans predict Raiven Adams and Bear Brown will jump in on this grandchild crusade. According to some of the show’s followers, there’s no surprise that Kassy was spotted with Raiven Adams at the clinic.

Some seem to think that it’s Kassy who’s “pulling the strings” when it comes to this relationship. But if you read both Bear and Raiven’s own words on their social media sites, they make it sound as if it’s their love that drives the bus for the Alaskan Bush People duo.

Alaskan Bush People: Love or Baby Fast-Tracks a Wedding?

As far as the clinic visit for Raiven Adams, maybe the fans are correct. Or maybe their assumptions about Bear Brown and his future wife are off a bit. There are a few reasons for a 21-year-old woman to visit a medical clinic.

That includes just a routine checkup. But now that some fans planted the seed, at-home detectives will keep an eye out for a growing baby bump. Is this rapid-fire wedding out of love or necessity? If you recall the contents of Bear’s shipping container – it contained one bed, not two…

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