‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown and Raiven Entice Fans to Big Reveal

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown and his new girl, Raiven Adams, might be a last-ditch effort to bring up the show’s ratings. If so it looks like it’s working. Or at least something is as the ratings look good this month so far. Season 9 tanked in numbers but Alaskan Bush People Season 10 is blooming. It’s also listed as “above average” for their Sunday night pull of viewers.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Smitten By Raiven Adams – It Worked

As the adult children of the Brown wolf pack howled at the moon last season, fewer people tuned in to listen. Alaskan Bush People lost almost 2 million viewers, according to reports. This season that same howling is heard and the same odd behavior is seen. But the ratings did an about-face. Did this new love whirlwind of Bear Brown and Raiven Adams have something to do with this?

Bear Brown introduced the one and only love of his life to Alaskan Bush People followers on social media a few weeks ago. Most fans of the show were thrilled for the wild man to finally find his mate. Especially since he was the last of the five Brown brothers to find true love. But since the Bear and Raiven show started online in posts, fans are getting a bit suspicious.


Fake, Fake, Fake… the Cry of the Critics

Alaskan Bush People mesmerized fans when they first appeared on the Discovery Channel. People saw them as amazing – a family who could live way off the grid and survive. Just the thought of it gathered a lot of attention. These folks had their own way of survivalist lifestyle. They also developed an odd accent, almost as if they had a language all their own.

But it soon emerged that while fans watched them run around in the woods they had other places to run as well. Like a hotel room while shooting the show and a warm home when they were in-between seasons.

So, fans soon found out that these people who wash their hair in a stream did know the value of a blowdryer. While they hunted and forged for bizarre food in the wilderness, they did know a good steakhouse when they saw one.

It seems the Alaskan Bush People family weren’t all they were cracked up to be. Alaskan Bush People fans started to feel duped. Yet they kept coming back because it was interesting. Many believe it still is today, evident by the rise in the ratings.

But some fans did grow tired of feeling dupped. Maybe the drop in the viewer numbers last season indicated this? But for whatever reason, the ratings tanked for Season 9. Now the first two episodes of Season 10 seem to indicate the fan base might be back. So is the love affair of Raiven Adams and Bear Brown the reason?

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven a No Show So Far – But Bear Hints She Arrives Soon

So far there’s no sign of Raiven Adams on the Alaskan Bush People show. But Bear Brown did say fans would get to meet her during the new season. Also, other reports have Raiven making her debut this season as well.

Is the anticipation of seeing this love affair on the screen after it bloomed seemingly overnight online bringing up the ratings? It seems the chatter online is ready for the big reveal. The swooning online certainly works to entice follower to want to see Raiven in action on the screen.

Bear Brown seems to have gone bonkers over this woman, who is a decade younger than his 31-years. The man who swings from tree to tree professed his love for his 21-year-old girlfriend many times already online.

Bear appears to worship Raiven. She too seems quite smitten by Bear. While everyone loves a good love story, you can only hope that is what this is.

But fans stay suspicious and some suggest the Bear-Raiven online saga is there to bring in more viewers to Alaskan Bush People. As you can see in the list above, the show came in at number 10 on Sunday, August 11 and the color code indicates the number of viewers was above average.


Online Pictures Tell a Story

So as Raiven paints the house ( a couple of shipping containers stuck together) and Bear Brown brings her flowers in used water bottles, people want to see more. Right now on Alaskan Bush People, they’re experiencing an early winter.

All the pictures of Raiven on the mountain seem set in the warmer weather. That might indicate she comes after the winter thaw during this season’s episodes.

Many fans look forward to seeing the interaction between Bear and Raiven as a tell-tale sign if this is the real deal or not. The armchair sleuths will come out in droves to watch Raiven and Bear on the screen. Hopefully, this isn’t a ploy and fans find that the wildest child out of the Brown’s wild children has found happiness for real.

Tune in Sunday nights at 9 pm to the Discovery Channel to watch the new episodes of Alaskan Bush People.

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