‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Defends Raiven as Report Indicates Suspicion Rises

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown apparently has heard enough online chatter about Raiven Adams making him a victim, so he aims to set the story straight. Bear hit social media today with his side of the story. The howling wolfpack member addressed his own followers as well as the show’s fans.

It looks like Bear Brown takes aim at clearing up the misunderstandings online. As it seems a new report suggests recent news about Raiven Adams’s past love life blindsided him. It also suggests Billy Brown and Ami Brown are a bit concerned and suspicious of her. But Bear says something the opposite.

Some followers of the Alaskan Bush People show worried about Bear ending up as a victim. Some worried Raiven Adams only used him to gain fame. So what does Bear Brown have to say?

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Shares Disclaimer About Raiven Adams

For someone who swings from tree to tree, examines animal droppings, and enjoys a good roll in the mud, this guy put it quite elegantly. In a shout out to the fans that follow him on the Alaskan Bush People series, Bear Brown declares that Raiven Adams has been completely honest with him. There’s nothing for people to worry about.

Bear Brown explains that when he met Raiven Adams, the two started out as friends. From there they became best friends. Then they got to know each other very well before taking it to another level. Now the Alaskan Bush People howling son is in love. He paints a verbal image of Raiven as the most beautiful woman, both “inside and out,” that he’s ever met.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams

Bear Brown Well Aware of Raiven’s Past

Apparently Bear Brown wants the fans to know that he is well aware of Raiven Adams’s past. Despite the worries reported among Bear’s fans online, it looks like the 31-year-old Alaskan Bush People son has his eyes wide open.

But a report emerged online Friday indicating something different. The report suggested that Bear felt blindsided when hearing about Raiven’s past love life this week.

The report also stated his parents were unsettled once hearing about this. But it looks like Bear nipped that in the bud by also including in his post how his parents feel about his new 21-year-old gal pal.

As far as Raiven Adams goes, Bear Brown tells his fans how his parents adore her. The rest of the family does as well. He also shares an old Alaskan Bush People saying with his Instagram followers. It’s a saying his parents also lived by, so he says. That’s to never judge anyone or tell someone else how to live.

Alaskan Bush People: Walks Fine Line at Setting Record Straight

It seems Raiven and Bear were together for almost a year before he introduced her online as his new girlfriend. Maybe he waited so long for just this reason.

Bear Brown is well aware of the pitfalls of being a reality star from the many seasons of Alaskan Bush People. It seems reality stars make easy targets for critics. Harsh opinions often emerge about the people who make up the cast of the vast number of reality shows today.

It seems anyone affiliated with them become sitting ducks for the same treatment as Raiven experiences today. While Bear fell short of asking fans to back off a bit on throwing criticism Raiven’s way, there’s probably a reason for this.

Raiven Adams seemed to fuel the fire when she spoke out against the critics posting things about her. As a veteran reality star from his years on Alaskan Bush People, it seems Bear Brown probably knows what triggers the critics.

So instead of requesting people stopped throwing insults Raiven Adams’ way, he did something different. It looked like he played it safe by saying he knows everything about Raiven as she’s been 100 percent above board with him.

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