‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Protects Raiven Adams But She Doesn’t Go Away Quietly

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown wants the world to leave Raiven Adams alone as he claims she’s been through enough. But it looks like both Raiven and her mom, Kassy Michelle, are getting some mileage out of this broken engagement.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Still Smitten With Raiven Adams?

Bear Brown hit social media running when first introducing Raiven Adams to the Alaskan Bush People fan base. He posted photos of the two of them in loving embraces.

Bear Brown professed his love for this girl, who is a decade his junior. He also claimed he was shocked and stunned when Raiven Adams agreed to become his wife. Which of course, isn’t in the cards anymore since she called off their engagement.

It seems that some of the Alaskan Bush People followers saw Raiven Adams’s whirlwind love affair with Bear Brown as an attempt at fame. Many suggested she played a hired role of Bear’s girlfriend as a publicity stunt.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Raiven Adams Kassy Michelle

Broken Engagement Cuts Season Short?

But when Bear Brown first introduced her to the fans, he did hint that viewers would get to meet his new girlfriend on the show. But that didn’t happen. Then, without too much fanfare, the Alaskan Bush People season finale rolled out.

Due to lack of promotion around the finale of the season, some fans hopped online to ask if this was indeed the end of the season. Not much was mentioned about the season-ending, which is unusual for a reality show.

The season finaleended, then the next day Raiven Adams offered her big announcement. She took to Instagram to say how she thought long and hard but she’s decided to split with Bear Brown.

This leaves some question around Raiven’s split when it comes to the last season of Alaskan Bush People abruptly ending. Was she in some of the last episodes of the season? But since she ended her relationship with Bear is it possible the Discovery Channel decided not to air those episodes?

Even though Bear hinted she’d show up on Alaskan Bush People this is pure speculation because it’s not known if Raiven Adams ever did make it in front of the cameras.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Raiven Adams

Alaskan Bush People: Still Bear Brown Defends Raiven

Since the split, both Raiven Adams and her mother Kassy Michelle seem very active on social media. Both women posted inspirational messages regarding moving on in life. It’s easy to assume both address Raiven breaking off her engagement with the 31-year-old Alaskan Bush People son.

The 21-year-old hopped online with a blurb that sounds like she’s protecting Bear and the Alaskan Bush People family. She posts a shout out to all those people wanting her to spill the beans on the family.

She says just because they’ve split it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like the family. It also doesn’t mean she’ll share personal info about them either.

Loyal or Non-Disclosure Agreement?

So is that Raiven talking or some type of non-disclosure agreement keeping her in check? For a woman who couldn’t take being in the spotlight, she hasn’t made an attempt to stay in the background.

Bear Brown asked Alaskan Bush People enthusiasts on his Instagram page to please leave Raiven alone. He continues to say she’s a sweet person and it bothers her what people are saying.

But Raiven Adams and her mom continue to leave messages about how brave and mature it is to follow your heart. It sounds as if Raiven gets kudos for breaking off the engagement because it was tough to do.

Not to mention Raiven’s latest shoutout refusing to drop a dime on the Brown brood. She didn’t need to say that, all she has to do is go away quietly.

Instead, her newly posted messages sound as if she’s not ready to disappear from the Alaskan Bush People world just yet. It’s easy to fade into the sunset, reality stars do it all the time. That is if they really want to.

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