‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Back Together – Fans Suggest Hidden Agenda

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown posted a short video clip announcing that he and Raiven Adams decided to give it another go. While the Alaskan Bush People fans were surprised again at the quick change of their relationship status, most seem happy for the couple. Especially because Bear and Raiven will soon be parents of a new member of the Alaskan Bush People wolf pack.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Have Another Go at It

Bear Brown announced that the couple is back together again on his social media account. But Raiven Adams remains silent over the change in her relationship status today. The couple dated for about a year when Bear Brown introduced his new girlfriend to the Alaskan Bush People followers online. He swooned over her and told his fans he just can’t believe someone like her would date him.

As their relationship played out online for the next few weeks they gathered a tremendous amount of attention. While Bear Brown gushed over Raiven some Alaskan Bush People fans trolled her and her family members. Then Raiven Adams was granted the full reality star treatment from the fans despite not being on the tv show as of yet.

Not all that treatment was good, some fans ripped Raiven apart, which is something the Alaskan Bush People family need to weather from time to time. They’re not much different than other reality stars. Unfortunately, it looks like you become a target when you sign up for a reality show.

Well, you can’t say Bear Brown doesn’t have a tricked-out honeymoon suite for Raiven Adams. He spiffed up his shipping container-house, seen below.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Future Mother-In-Law Interference?

Just Raiven’s affiliation with the son from the Alaskan Bush People reality show put her in the scope of the media. But it was Raiven Adams and possibly her mother, Kassy Michelle, that seemed to perpetuate the negative press. Instead of ignoring the naysayers, both Raiven and her mother bit back online. This seemed to keep it going.

Bear Brown and his Alaskan Bush People members tend not to react to the disparaging comments. Then they just go away. But Raiven Adams and her mother being newbies at the reality game, defended themselves. This gave the trolls more fuel for the fire and it continued. Then both Raiven and her mom, Kassy, shut down their Instagram accounts. But then they turned them on again. But Kassy’s Instagram went off again recently and it’s not up today. Raiven has three posts on hers.

By this time Bear Brown had gushed over Raiven Adams for a few weeks. He then hopped online to deliver the news that the two split up. He said it was mutual. Then only a few days later Raiven announced she was having Bear’s baby. The Alaskan Bush People watchers hopped online to suggest Ravien possibly having a hidden agenda for the pregnancy. It got ugly.

Alaskan Bush People: Theories Run Amok

Bear Brown came to her defense. He wants fans to know he’s thrilled to become a father. He also said the split was mutual and the two plan to co-parent the baby. Many fans didn’t buy Bear’s attitude. They saw how much he loved her via his original post and his latest posts looked dark. This Alaskan Bush People sibling looked rather sad and despondent in many of his recent pictures prompting fans to believe he was taking the breakup hard.

Then Raiven Adams’ mother got online and shared that Raiven decided to leave Bear Brown because he is “unstable.” She claims her daughter didn’t know just how unstable he was until she stayed with him for a while. She then claimed her daughter came down off that mountain to get away from him. All this happened within several weeks. Bear introduced her, gets engaged, splits up, announces a baby is on the way, and now they’re back together.

Needless to say in between the congratulations and good wishes, the naysayers pop in. Some don’t believe it will work and others suggest a hidden agenda on Raiven’s part. But Bear Brown sure did leave a lot of Alaskan Bush People enthusiasts with raised eyebrows today once his “we’re giving it another try” post got around online.

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