‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Responds to Broken Engagement – Dumped and Possibly Duped By Raiven Adams?

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown gathered fans’ sympathy today after his love life imploded when Raiven Adams called off their engagement. Bear recently poured his heart out online telling the world he’s stunned about his new love interest. He was shocked that someone like Raiven Adams wanted him. But it seems his words now come back to haunt him.

He was head over heels smitten with this girl but it seems she just didn’t feel the same. Less than two weeks after the Alaskan Bush People son announced his engagement to Raiven Adams, it looks like she’s dumped him.

Some Alaskan Bush People fans seem to think she’s done more than that. Some of Bear Brown’s followers think the 21-year-old Raiven Adams duped Bear so she could gain some fame.

Alaskan Bush People News: Bear Brown Dumped?

Raiven Adams took to social media to say that it’s better for her if she and Alaskan Bush People‘s Bear Brown remain friends. Citing the negative comments from people with nothing better to do with their lives as part of the problem. But she made it clear that she was the one to make the decision.

Apparently the little bit of fame she gathered while affiliated with the Alaskan Bush People celeb was too hot to handle. When the two first came out as a couple, naysayers jumped to the head of the line warning Bear Brown.

Fans suggested Raiven Adams might just be looking for fame from this Alaskan Bush People wild child. Bear continued to gush with words of love about this angel from heaven. It was easy to see that Bear Brown expected to keep Raiven Adams by his side forever.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams Bear Brown

Raiven Adams Passes Along the Word

Alaskan Bush People viewers got the word from Raiven Adams today. She describes embarking on a “long battle” with herself when deciding whether or not to call it off with Bear. She also describes “this life” as being “too much for her”.

So, it sounds like the Alaskan Bush People world just isn’t her cup of tea. Apparently, she believes she should be in Bear Brown’s life. But not in the way they first thought it would be. So the engagement is off.

After her first post, Raiven got back on her Instagram account to offer up another strange message. She says that it’s sometimes better to let people assume what they want to assume about why things happen.

Raiven Adams suggested that explaining herself isn’t always the best way to go about it. She said she might have to be the “bad guy” in this breakup. But if she shared the “100 reasons” why she and Bear didn’t work out people might understand.

Apparently she thinks Alaskan Bush People enthusiasts would see it her way, if she did that. But she’s not doing it that way. It sounds like she won’t out of her respect for Bear and his family.

So for now, Raiven knows what happened and as far as she’s concerned “that’s enough for me”, she wrote.


Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Raiven Adams


Alaskan Bush People: Bear Chimes In

It sounds like Bear Brown doesn’t have more than a few words to say about this split. The Alaskan Bush People offspring said, “sometimes people are better off as friends”. He only mirrored what Raiven had to say in her post. But Bear did put up another post with a photo of a fire alarm switch.

Bear said in the post, “don’t push that button or flip that switch.” Apparently he didn’t want any alarms going off about his split with Raiven Adams. But that didn’t stop fans from having their say.

Many fans saw Raiven as someone looking for fame as soon as she showed up. Mostly because she seemed to introduce herself as a “model” with all her poses online. Fans then found out it was her mom who is the photographer, Kassy Michelle. This is who Raiven posed as a model. So some Alaskan Bush People followers thought to call her a model is a bit of a stretch.

Fans seem heartbroken for Bear who seemed to think he really did find love. Even though his soul mate parts ways, she did wish Bear Brown and his Alaskan Bush People family the best.

After all the heartfelt words Bear posted about Raiven over the past few weeks, all fans can do is offer the traditional condolences that come along with a breakup.

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