‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Rattled By First Encounter With Raiven – Photo

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown shares a photo of his first meeting with Raiven Adams and her mother Kassy Michelle. But it’s what came next that stunned the 31-year-old wilderness man-child.

Raiven Adams, 21, is a decade younger than Bear and she’s a very beautiful young lady. It sounds as if Bear Brown found himself in awe of Raiven from the first moment they met. But Bear also seems puzzled as to what Raiven sees in him.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Posts Photo of His Introduction to Raiven Adams

Bear met Raiven Adams at his brother Noah Brown’s wedding. It was last summer when the Alaskan Bush People clan got together for that wedding. Kassy Michelle took the professional wedding photos and Raiven came along as her assistant.

In the photo below, Bear is decked out in a nice crisp white dress shirt as he talks with Raiven Adams, who has her back to the camera. It looks like the tall woman with the camera around her neck is Kassy, Raiven’s mom.

It seems Kassy recently learned what it is like to be affiliated with a reality show. Not only did she see Raiven scrutinized online by the Alaskan Bush People critics but she became a target as well.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Raiven Adams - Kassy Michelle

Bear Stunned Over Attention

It seems this Alaskan Bush People son has a hard time believing that Raiven would not only notice him but go on to become the love of his life. He describes his disbelief in the post above. He never thought at the time they had their first meeting that someone so beautiful and smart as Raiven could ever fall for a “wolf” like him.

Bear Brown might have a point when it comes to the “wolf” part. He’s well known from this Discovery Channel reality show for his animal instincts. The family members often refer to him as the best hunter in the Brown clan. But how Bear utilizes his hunting skills is a different story.

It’s like he gets into the mode of a wolf moving along the ground looking for tracks. If he comes across some animal feces, he examines them with a fine-tooth comb.

This Alaskan Bush People hunter can tell a lot about an animal via the size, texture, and temperature of animal poop they leave behind. When in the hunting mode he makes it his business to find these droppings on the ground.

Alaskan Bush People: He Feels Special

Of course, veteran viewers of the Alaskan Bush People know how howling is an important piece of Bear’s lifestyle. It has its use in the wilderness where cell phones don’t get reception. The Brown clan devised certain howls to call upon each other in emergencies. Not to mention how they love to howl at the moon just because it’s there.

It sounds as if Bear realizes all his quirky wilderness behaviors and just can’t believe that Raiven Adams became interested in him. But from the sound of her social media tributes to Bear Brown she is. The couple sounds equally smitten with each other.

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