‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Loses Raiven Again – Rebounds With Familiar Face [Pic]

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown is single once again so that might explain his post featuring a blonde beauty aiming to put out his fire. Raiven Adams revealed the same story she did a few weeks back to the Alaskan Bush People followers. “Me and Bear split up,” she writes on an Instagram story. Raiven also explained that their split was the reason behind their social media break.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Without Raiven Adams Again

First of all not putting posts up for a few days really doesn’t constitute a break from social media sites. While Raiven Adams did shut her site down, it is up again. At the same time, the Alaskan Bush People son just didn’t offer any new posts on his Instagram site, which Bear left up. It seems he never bothered to take it down.

Raiven Adams also shares this so-called break was their attempt to get on good terms without all the input. But she also echoed the same sentiments that she did last time the two split.

Their first split was right after fans learned Bear Brown gave her an engagement ring. At the time, this made them the newest Alaskan Bush People little family about to bloom. Although Raiven Adams assures the fans that this split doesn’t take away from their excitement to become parents.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Carly

Broken Record This Time Around

Raiven Adams ends her Instagram spiel with more of the same words coined from their last breakup. She reiterates – “Some people aren’t meant to be together”.  So the two decided to do what’s “healthiest” for their baby. Apparently that was for her to get off the Alaskan Bush People mountain and go their separate ways.

For some reason, it looks as if Alaskan Bush People enthusiasts have heard enough about the Bear-Raiven saga. The debates flared when she first showed up on the Alaskan Bush People radar. Some thought it was fame that enticed her to Bear, others thought it was true love in bloom.

Either way, she came, saw, conquered, and went home from her journey. She did so with a little wolfpack member on the way. This week Raiven announced the due date of their baby as April 19. So they have a ways to go yet.

Alaskan Bush People: Another Quick Rebound for Bear Brown?

Raiven’s mother, Kassy Michelle, shared in some of the Alaskan Bush People groups online a while back. She declared that Bear Brown is unstable. She did this after Bear Brown and Raiven Adams split the first time around. But she never elaborated on just what she meant by this.

How was he unstable? Was he moody, did he have a roving eye for the ladies, or did he neglect to come down out of the trees one too many times? Still, it looks as if Bear isn’t too broken up over losing Raiven for the second time.

Maybe that’s because it looks as if Bear might have an infatuation with one of the Alaskan Bush People production crew. Bear Brown posted a photo of him with this woman last time he split with Raiven Adams. He captioned it “Carly is an AWESOME safety lady!”

Now that Raiven reveals their second split, Bear once again posts a picture of Carly with a miniature fire extinguisher looking as if she just put out a campfire. Whether he is looking to Carly as a potential love interest is unknown.

He may also attempt to make Raiven jealous by posting Carly’s pictures immediately following a split. Who knows what goes on in the mind of this man-child. But this makes two public splits from Raiven and two times he’s followed this up with a picture of the “safety lady,” Carly.

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