‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown’s Dark Post Breaks Short-Lived Disappearance?

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown spun a bit of drama last week when saying goodbye for a while to Instagram but that was short-lived. Today Bear is back online sharing some rather dark posts regarding evil. So where is he going with this?

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Opened Flood Gates

This Alaskan Bush People celeb introduced his new girlfriend, Raiven Adams, online a few months back. Since that day Bear Brown and Raiven Adams’ social media sites became cluttered with drama. The drama not only surrounded the new Alaskan Bush People couple but Raiven’s mother also got involved.

The result was an on again and off again social media presence for Raiven and her mom, Kassy Michelle. As of today, both the mom and daughter’s Instagram pages are not active. Bear Brown weathered the storm mostly by ignoring the bashing from Alaskan Bush People enthusiasts.

When this man-child finally did pop up and ask people to back off Raiven, very little results came of that plea. It actually seemed to offer more fuel to this bashing. The same seemed true for both Raiven and her mother’s words of retaliation for the negative comments tossed their way.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Clap Backs and Pleading – Kept the Bashing Going

It seems Raiven knew very little about reality show stardom and apparently the same goes for her mom. Even though Raiven still hasn’t appeared on Alaskan Bush People, reports indicate she did film with Bear for the next season. But just her affiliation with Bear Brown put her in that reality celeb category for some folks.

Instead of ignoring the bashing like most reality celebs, Raiven and Kassy kept it going by clapping back. It seems most veteran reality cast members know if you ignore the negative comments they will eventually wane.

Whether they realized it or not, the constant replies defending themselves kept these Alaskan Bush People online bashing event going. Even Bear, who usually doesn’t acknowledge the naysayers, seemingly made the mistake of letting the bashers know it was getting to Raiven.

Alaskan Bush People: Short Hiatus – Back With Darkness

The biggest question rolling around among the Alaskan Bush People followers is Raiven Adams’ agenda. She’s now pregnant with Bear Brown’s baby. When the followers of this show found out she’s having a baby, theories rumbled online.  Was she in this for the money and fame or did she really care for Bear Brown?

While the jury is still out on this, it seems all this bashing took a toll on Bear. Not to mention Raiven’s mother suddenly turning on him as well. She told her social media followers that Bear Brown is unstable. She seemed to paint a picture of Raiven fleeing the mountain for her own safety when the two broke up for a short time.

Finally Bear got online to say goodbye for a while to his Alaskan Bush People Instagram followers. While he didn’t close down the account like Raiven and her mother did, he stopped posting. But that didn’t last long. Now Bear is back sharing posts but they’re very dark and foreboding.

One video has someone running through the woods and a deep evil-sounding voice repeats “Fear no Evil.” He also posted a message that sounds as if he’s taking a hard stand going forward, probably to the naysayers picking on Raiven. Is this his new way of warning the fans to back off? Or is he unstable as Raiven’s mother suggests?

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