‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown’s Disturbing Video Prompts Calls to Police

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown posted a disturbing video online last week and it seems a few fans called the local police in his area. In today’s world, the authorities ask if you see something, say something.

In hindsight of some the horrendous shootings that plague the nation today, people did see something but it didn’t seem important at the time. So needless to say, folks do react when they see something that looks like it teeters on the edge of becoming dangerous. Apparently some saw that in the video posted of Bear Brown from the Alaskan Bush People.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown in Disturbing Video Prompts Police Calls

Viewers of the Alaskan Bush People show have seen Bear Brown shoot his guns before. But this usually takes place in a hunting scene or a target practice event. This time around the video that Bear posted had a dark mood about it.

He is alone on a dark night and without saying a word, he shoots his handgun aimlessly into the woods. He wrote in the post, “I love shooting at night! Even without a target”! His Alaskan Bush People followers immediately hopped online with their concerns.

One of their several concerns centered on Bear promoting copycats with this video. They also reprimanded the man-child from Alaskan Bush People for this video and told him not to play with guns. One online follower, who seemed to know a lot about firearms, had a warning for Bear.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Dangerous Behavior Concerned Fans

It seems Bear Brown didn’t take precautions with his gun, which could lead to a dangerous situation. The fan wrote that he didn’t clear his chamber after clearing his magazine, which could lead to him shooting off his “tallywacker”.

It seems one fan got online to tell the story of how they took action after seeing the video on Instagram. They called the police in Loomis, Washington. This is where the Alaskan Bush People homestead on the mountain is located. It’s also where Bear apparently shot this video.

From what the fan said, they weren’t the only ones who requested law enforcement to check up on Bear after seeing the video. It sounds like several people called the police in the area of Washington where the Alaskan Bush People film.

It appears from the police report the fan shared online that the police did follow up on this call. The screenshot above circles the call in red. It looks like Officer Gonzalez went out to the mountain over a “firearms” call. The police report didn’t say who it was they went to see. It also doesn’t mention anything about the Brown family or Bear.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown - Noah Brown - Gabe Brown - Bear Brown - Joshua Brown - SnowBird Brown

Police Go Out to the Alaskan Bush People Mountain?

What happened after that is unknown. This fan who shared the police log suggested that Bear Brown won’t mention it due to his ego. So unless he needs to show up in court, fans of the Alaskan Bush People may never know what became of the police visit.

It seems Bear Brown demonstrated his anger recently when he got online and told people to back off Raiven Adams. She is pregnant with his baby and his anger focuses on fans bashing her. Apparently some who follow this Alaskan Bush People celeb question the paternity of Raiven’s baby in comments.

Bear Brown seemed adamant when reporting the baby is his and he doesn’t need a test to tell him that. This, coupled with the video suggests Bear might be feeling a bit unstable today, according to some of the fans.

His future mother-in-law, Kassy Michelle, also suggested Bear’s stability online in a previous post. Raiven’s mother had a few disparaging things to say about the father of her unborn grandchild.

Scary Situation for a Few Fans

Maybe Bear Brown didn’t realize just how scary this video appeared to fans. While a few fans hopped online to defend Bear, other Alaskan Bush People fans thought this was irresponsible of the papa-to-be.

Bear said in the caption of the video that he wasn’t shooting at a target. He just walked into the darkness, randomly pointed his handgun and started shooting. He said he likes to do this at night. Maybe it’s the flash out of the gun barrel looking like fireworks that entertain this Alaskan Bush People family member.

But there’s so much more to shooting a gun, as his followers pointed out. Responsible gun ownership echoed throughout the comments. One fan suggested Bear Brown take a course in gun safety. But chances of that happening look very thin, as the Alaskan Bush People wolf pack pride themselves on being self-taught in everything from making shampoo to creating dwellings out of discarded objects.

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