‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Rebounds – New Girlfriend or Jab at Raiven Adams?

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown doesn’t appear all that broken up over his engagement demise with Raiven Adams who’s carrying his baby. Or did he create this face for the camera today?

Bear Brown’s latest photo shows the Alaskan Bush People son grinning from ear to ear with a blond beauty by his side. Or is this a pose with Raiven Adams in mind, one that he hopes she will see?

Alaskan Bush People: Wild Ride for Bear Brown Turns Dark

Bear Brown’s social media posts tell a tale since Raiven left the mountain. While Alaskan Bush People‘s Bear Brown and Raiven Adams say they mutually agreed upon this split, a different version surfaced.

Kassy Michelle, Raiven’s mom, recently said her daughter found Bear Brown too unstable. So, Raiven allegedly ended their relationship. From Kassy’s perspective, Raiven came down from the Alaskan Bush People mountain for the safety of her and her unborn child.

Bear hopped online and echoed RaivenAdams’ words of a mutual split. He also mirrored her enthusiasm to co-parent. Then the Alaskan Bush People star’s posts went a little dark. He posted shadows, a dark night sky, and pictures of himself looking sad. A few of those posts appear below.

Bear Brown also dressed up in a Deadpool mask, along with images of the character. Then, over the weekend, the father-to-be seemed to do an about-face and go down memory lane with his posts. It looks like he took his thoughts back to a happier time.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

A New Woman and Bear Smiles Again

He shared the pictures of Gabe Brown and Raquell Brown’s wedding. His comments centered on the happiness that comes along with a wedding. Was this a hint of something he still wants for himself?

Then, with his Raiven Adamschapter now closed, suddenly a new post shows a lady by the side of the Alaskan Bush People celeb. He captions the picture, “From Gabe’s wedding! Carly is an AWESOME safety lady!”

Fans hopped online to comment on how pretty Carly is and noted that she “wasn’t Raiven.” It seems his followers don’t mind seeing Bear move on from Raiven, evident by all the thumbs up and likes on the image online.

But is Carly a new love interest for Bear or is he trying to spark Raiven’s jealousy? Bear Brown couldn’t gush enough about Raiven while the two were together. He couldn’t believe such an “angel” would pick him as her mate.

Maybe the antics, like the one Bear shares in the video below, just became too much for Raiven Adams?

Alaskan Bush People: New Episode Ahead

That’s not all that’s confusing when it comes to Alaskan Bush People today. A new episode rolls out Sunday night titled “Secrets of the Hunt” at 9 pm on the Discovery Channel. This comes after folks were led to believe the season ended.

While a new episode rolls out, unlike the others, there’s no episode number for this one. On September 8, fans watched Season 10 Episode 6. This new episode only says Season 10 on the Discovery Channel TV menu for Sunday, September 22.

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