Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Trashed – Raiven and Mom Shut Down Instagram

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown almost had new inlaws but Raiven Adams dumped him after they became engaged even though she’s having his baby. While this sounds more like a soap opera than a reality show, things get even stickier today.

Although it looked as though Raiven Adams was willing to go away quietly, her mother Kassy Michelle wasn’t. Not far behind Raiven’s pregnancy announcement, her mom came out verbally swinging at the Alaskan Bush People son. Bear Brown, the father of Kassy Michelle’s grandchild, was put on public display by the woman who almost became his mother-in-law.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams’ Mom Looking Scorned?

Kassy painted herself as a scorned mom. Especially after the amount of pent-up rage against Bear Brown she vented in Alaskan Bush People groups on social media. While Raiven described a life of co-parenting with Bear, her mother seemed to have different ideas.

Soon after Kassy lambasted Bear Brown and threw in his Alaskan Bush People family members for good measure, she backtracked and deleted the posts. Fans hopped online asking her why. Now, not only has Kassy Michelle’s Instagram gone dark, but Raiven Adams’ Instagram did too. Both of their pages are unavailable online.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams

Storm Brews – But Raiven Adams Shows Big Baby Bump

So, things heated up yesterday for Bear Brown and the baby mama – and baby mama’s mama drama. It was almost a comedy of errors as Kassy swatted at Bear and his Alaskan Bush People tribe on her Instagram page. Meanwhile, over on Raiven’s Instagram, she’s posing for baby bump pictures.

Kassy went on and on about how the family treated her daughter like garbage. She also said no one from the Brown clan reached out to see how Raiven’s doing. That includes her ex. But, both Bear and Raiven shared photos of onesies and positive pregnancy tests on their IG pages.

Bear Brown posted a onesie that read “Baby Bear” on it. So, as the newly separated Alaskan Bush People couple seemed to rejoice in the new life they’ve created, one future grandmother offered up a whirlwind of accusations.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown the “Unstable” One?

The enraged mom went on to explain who broke up with whom and why. That was her side of the story. She claims Raiven Adams realized that Bear Brown wasn’t stable. So, she allegedly high-tailed off the Alaskan Bush People mountain leaving Bear with a broken engagement.

But, both Bear Brown and Raiven’s social posts sounded as if they mutually agreed upon the split. Then, Kassy Michelle had her say and it wasn’t pretty for Bear or his family. Today, both Raiven Adams and her mom are no longer available on Instagram.

Maybe they created too much heat and didn’t know how to contain it? Now, they’re seemingly off social media – at least for the moment. And it looks like Bear and his family got the brunt of Kassy’s anger online.

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