‘Alaskan Bush People’: Raiven Adams’ Mother Verbally Attacks Bear Brown and His Family

The Alaskan Bush People family seems to be a target for Raiven Adam‘s mother Kassy Michelle who came out verbally swinging at the Bear Brown and his family today. In her rant, Kassy Michelle holds nothing back. It appears Kassy sings a totally different tune now than a few weeks ago about Bear Brown and his Alaskan Bush People family.

At one point when Raiven Adams and Bear Brown posted those lovey-dovey like pictures, Kassy hopped onboard to say she couldn’t be happier. She also said she couldn’t think of anyone who would be better for Raiven then Bear. It looks like Kassy Michelle did a complete about-face on those Alaskan Bush People thoughts today.

Alaskan Bush People: Looks Like Raiven Adams’ Mom is Flinging Mud?

Kassy claims that Raiven signed an ND agreement (non-disclose) with the Discovery Channel show so she is limited to what she can say. But Kassy didn’t and she spent a month living in Washington among the Alaskan Bush People crowd. It seems Raiven found Bear Brown just too unstable and decided to call it off.

Kassy said to spare any more drama her daughter spun that co-parenting story. But her mom says since Raiven’s vacated the family, not one of them have reached out to her. That includes Bear.

It seems Kassy’s initial meeting with the Alaskan Bush People extended family didn’t turn out well. That’s back when she was hired to take pictures of Noah Brown and Rhain Brown’s wedding. Kassy said they broke their agreement with her and she wasn’t paid. Although that is where Raiven met Bear Brown and the first spark ignited.



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Kassy Michelle Claps Back

Then shortly after that Bear Brown contacted Raiven and invited her out to their Alaskan Bush People mountain. She obliged and they really did become a couple, which of course is evident now with the pregnancy. She said it got to a point for her daughter that she needed to leave an unstable Bear and protect herself and the baby.

Kassy Michelle claps back at the naysayers accusing Raiven Adams of reeling Bear Brown in for his money. She also addresses the Alaskan Bush People followers who snare over Raiven having “unprotected sex” with Bear Brown. Some fans hopped online to say this happens without protection.

Kassy Michelle isn’t condoning the unprotected sex but she did say it happened and now Raiven is having a baby. It also sounds as if she doesn’t expect a co-parenting routine like both Raiven and Bear Brown shared with their social media followers.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams



Alaskan Bush People: Bear’s Girlfriend Raiven Treated Like Garbage?

It seems Raiven’s mom sees the Alaskan Bush People tribe as only caring about the almighty dollar. She offered some choice words to describe the family, saying Bear Brown only used Raiven Adams to draw attention. That’s her opinion and she follows that up with how the family treated her like garbage once she decided it wouldn’t work with Bear.

The seemingly agitated mom also shared that her daughter had to walk away to “protect herself and the baby.” Raiven wants nothing from Bear Brown, claims Kassy Michelle. Not his money or his co-parenting apparently.

While this is not Raiven talking, it’s her mom. But Kassy says under that ND agreement Raiven Adams signed with the Discovery Channel she can’t say much. But Kassy Michelle says she didn’t sign anything so she can talk all she wants.

Raiven Adams Newest Star of Discovery Channel Show?

So if Raiven signed an Alaskan Bush People ND agreement, that would make one assume she got a paycheck at some point. If Kassy Michelle spent a month in Washington along with Bear Brown and Raiven Adams, maybe it was during filming for the next season.

Raiven doesn’t seem to waste any time showing off her baby bump. So far, the pregnant 21-year-old posted two photos. These two side-view photos have fans suggesting that Raiven Adams is further along than her reported eight-weeks.

Sadly, the Alaskan Bush People are notorious for not laying all their cards on the table in the past. So fans question the reports coming from anyone affiliated with the show or the family. It sounds like Kassy is furious with this family but her daughter remains behind the scenes adoring her baby bump.

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