‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Marries Raiven Vs Just Hired Gal-Pal – New Season Debate

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has all eyes on him with his model girlfriend Raiven Adams joining him in the new season. Next week when the Discovery Channel rolls out Season 10, Raiven will already have a fan base on the August 4 premiere. The 21-year-old model is 10 years younger than 31-year-old Bear Brown. He just introduced her to his Alaskan Bush People followers on social media this week.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams – True Love or Hired Cast for Bear Brown?

While the majority of fans were happy for Bear Brown, the naysayers also poked their heads in to have their say as well. It seems Raiven’s career as a model gave some critics the idea that Bear’s relationship is just a ploy. Just smoke and mirrors to build up the Alaskan Bush People ratings since they nose-dived last season. Conspiracy theories emerge, with one suggesting the Discovery Channel hired Raiven Adams, 21, to play the part.

The Alaskan Bush People series offered many disappointments in the past. They’ve taken liberties with the truth about the lifestyle of the Brown clan. While Billy Brown and his brood were introduced as people living in the wild for many years, that didn’t seem to be the case. Sure, they lived in the wilderness of Alaska but when not filming it sounded like they had a modern home or homes to return to.

But fans enjoyed this show so much, many were willing to overlook the scripted parts of this reality show. Seeing Billy and Ami Brown navigate their seven offspring in the wild offered up plenty of entertainment throughout the years. Now a new generation o Alaskan Bush People emerges as the kids are taking on spouses and a grandbaby arrived, with another one on the way.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown


Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams


Raiven Adams Claims Bear is Her Real Deal

With the many discrepancies in the past regarding Alaskan Bush People, critics were bound to emerge. Raiven Adams offered up a few interviews recently and she’s said that Bear Brown makes her life complete. Bear Brown introduced Raiven Adams just this week but reports emerged that he’s been dating her for almost a year.

Bear Brown met his new love interest at Noah and Rhain’s wedding. Raiven Adams went along with her photographer mother to the event. Kassy Michelle, Raiven’s mom, took the wedding photos at their nuptials last August.

So the debate online is in full swing. Some people who follow Alaskan Bush People think Bear introduced Raiven because they believe he’s ready to pop the question. Others see Raiven as a ploy for ratings and even possibly a hired cast member to play the part of Bear’s girl.

Check out a throwback to an Alaskan Bush People breakfast from a few years back in the video below. Take note of Bear’s table etiquette as he plays with his gun and finds another use for cooking oil. If Raiven Adams is Bear Brown’s future bride, Then Raiven is definitely getting a husband with creativity. The gun thing though – well, at least not at the breakfast table.

Washington Mountain Vs Alaskan Wilderness

With the Alaskan Bush People no longer in the Alaskan bush, some fans ask why Discovery Channel hasn’t changed the name of the show.  A mountain in Washington State replaced the Alaskan wilderness for the Brown brood.

So why not call the Brown tribe the Washington Mountain People instead of Alaskan Bush People today? Discovery Channel never addressed the name, only the move from one state to the other. Chances are a name change would do more harm to the viewer numbers than good. People know this family as the Alaskan Bush People clan and it’s really more about them than the location they’re at.

Despite the family still claiming to live a simple life off-grid, the hand tools of the Alaskan Browntown are gone. Big tools replace those shovels and rakes from the earlier Alaskan Bush People seasons. Since their move to the mountain, the Brown clan continues to build their compound using bulldozers, tractors, and what looks like pre-cut lumber.

In Alaska, they used what grew on the land around them for wood. They’d also rummage through the local junkyard for building supplies. But most everything they used consisted of crude materials. Like stuff that came off their land. They used hand tools for digging and building but today everything has power behind it. So at least they’re upfront about this.

Alaskan Bush People: Mid-Season, Season 9.5, or Season 10?

Some fans might find the advertising confusing about this new season. When the last season rolled to a stop, a promise of mid-season 9 emerged. So fans thought this new season was that mid season or Season 9.5. But apparently, it’s not.

Discovery Channel has “Season 10” on the Alaskan Bush People web page today. So if this confuses you, you’re not alone.

Season 10 premieres Sunday night August 4, at 9 pm EST on the Discovery Channel.

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