‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown’s Girlfriend Raiven’s Lack of Wardrobe Raises Questions

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown‘s new girlfriend, Raiven Adams, unofficially entered the world of reality fame recently with huge fanfare. But then fans got a bit leery of the newest face of the wolfpack.

While Raiven and Bear swoon over each other on their social media pages for the last several days, Alaskan Bush People followers noticed something. As season 10 rolls out Sunday night, fans will be looking to read between the lines.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown With Raiven Adams – Plant, Ploy, or Real Love Story?

Raiven Adams didn’t get the most gracious of welcomes from all the Alaskan Bush People viewers. It looks like the vote is still out on Raiven today with two camps forming. Some think Bear Brown and Raiven Adams are a modern-day love story. Others think Raiven is nothing more than a fake hired to play Bear’s love interest.

Reports indicate Bear’s love story blooms on camera as the Alaskan Bush People play out this new season. But Bear and his new reported love interest offer an appetizer to this new storyline via online posts.

For the last several days, Raiven’s seen with Bear Brown, holding hands, locking lips, and exploring the wilderness. Each day something new appears in a photo giving the appearance Raiven is always by Bear’s side. But something seems odd with these photos, or so say people who follow the Alaskan Bush People.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Raiven Brown

Armchair Detectives Spot Trickery in Pics

Veteran fans of this Discovery Channel reality show know not to take everything they see at face value. Case in point – Raiven and Bear’s online photos demonstrating “love” is up for debate among fans of Alaskan Bush People. Day after day, Raiven Adams and Bear Brown post infatuated-looking pics with each other.

They’re in a field, holding flowers, then up close and personal for a kiss. Yes, they’ve shared all these poses since the day Bear introduced Raiven Adams online as his new girlfriend. But there’s one thing all-too consistent with this daily stream of photos from the Alaskan Bush People son and his new girlfriend that span over several days online.

Alaskan Bush People – There’s No Change Here

If you look closely, it seems Raiven never changes her clothes as she poses with the Alaskan Bush People tribe. She’s constantly in the same pair of overalls. Now, perhaps she just loves overalls and she could own several pairs. But they’re ripped and frayed in the same spot in the photos.

Bear Brown’s shirt color seems to change. And her shirts are a variety. But it makes you wonder how much time elapsed between these photos? More than a week ago, Bear introduced his new girlfriend to the ABP fans online. Then, the pics posted almost daily. This offers the impression that they’re current and taken the day they posted.

But now, some Alaskan Bush People fans think it’s a barrage of photos taken the same day. Because of the lack of wardrobe changes, the pics could be from the same batch. The changing shirts but same overalls make it more suspicious. But posting over a week’s time gives the impression she’s always there. Are these social media shenanigans? Some fans think so.

Is This Scripted “Reality”?

Alaskan Bush People, although entertaining, often rolls out with inconsistencies. Fans experienced this from the beginning of this show. Back then, viewers were led to believe these people lived their lives off-grid 100% of the time. But, stories spilled out that they lived that way only when cameras were rolling.

So, is Raiven’s introduction into the family just another piece of scripted reality? The good news is the show returns with a new season Sunday, August 4 at 9 pm EST on the Discovery Channel. Fans can find out for themselves where Raiven Adams fits into Bear Brown’s storyline and whether those overalls are ever-present for real…

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