‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Not in New Romance – Dating Raiven Adams a Year

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown recently revealed a new girlfriend but Raiven Adams is not so new. They started dating almost a year ago. There’s no doubt about it, Bear looks as if he’s head over heels for his younger love interest who is also a model. Even in Alaskan Bush People group pictures he reaching over to touch her like he’s sending a visual message that she’s with him.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Joined By Raiven Adams in New Season

Since unveiling Raiven to the Alaskan Bush People followers, Bear Brown posts photo after photo of his love interest on social media. Some pictures show Raiven Adams alone in one pose or another. Then others have her standing by Bear Brown or his family members.

Recent reports indicate Raiven Adams joined the cast of Alaskan Bush People for the upcoming Season 10. Bear Brown, 31, first teased fans to check out the new season and they might just get to see his model girlfriend, who’s just 21. New reports indicate Raiven’s slated for the new season with Bear.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Raiven Adams - Brown Family


Wedding Bells Ringing?

Well, wedding bells did ring the day Bear Brown met Raiven Adams. This young model joined her photographer mother, Kassy Michelle, as she captured Noah Brown’s wedding in photos. Last August, the first Alaskan Bush People wedding occurred in Washington on Brown’s mountain.

Noah married Rhain Alisha and it looks like the photographer’s model daughter accompanied her to this event. This is where the young beauty bumped into Bear Brown. Reports indicate the two have been dating since then.

The latest news to trickle down from the Brown’s mountain top indicates the Alaskan Bush People family adores Raiven. Evidence of this pops up in the many photos of this young lady posted to the individual family members’ social media accounts.

The online chatter about Raiven and Bear indicates fans lean toward a wedding for this couple this season. The sudden flood of everything Raiven Adams has fans speculating wedding bells for her and Bear Brown around the corner.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams

Alaskan Bush People: Snowbird Brown Welcomes Raiven With Open Arms

Rainy Brown and Snowbird Brown, the only two daughters in the family, reportedly think of Raiven like another sister. Veteran Alaskan Bush People viewers remember, the friction between Bird Brown and Noah’s wife Rhain. This played out from the time Noah first met the woman he eventually married.

While it’s still a work in process, last season Snowbird admitted once more that she and her sister-in-law don’t see eye-to-eye. During the last season, Rhain moved to the mountain with her husband Noah.

This marked the first time an outsider joined the Alaskan Bush People clan in their compound off-grid. It sounds like Raiven enjoys an easier transition into this family than Rhain did when attempting to become part of the wolf pack.

Raiven Adams Rocks the Boat for Some Fans

Some see the online whirlwind of Bear and Raiven as a publicity ploy for Alaskan Bush People. Others see the young model using Bear as a stepping stone for fame. The online chatter still seems mixed over the introduction of their newest cast addition, Raiven.

But the fans of this show will watch to see just how this relationship plays out on screen. Veteran viewers of this show have learned to read between the lines of the Brown Family’s antics. So if there’s any hint that Bear’s new love interest is just there for publicity, they’ll announce it from their rooftops.

Bear Brown is a decade older than his 21-year-old girlfriend. At 31, he’s still living like a wild child, or at least that’s what the show wants you to believe. Whether bringing Raiven on board the show was done for publicity or not, she’s already become an infatuation with the fans. So, she gathers publicity – intentional or not.

Alaskan Bush People returns to Discovery Channel with Season 10 on Sunday, August 4 at 9 pm local time.

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