‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown’s Return Adds to Messy New Season for Bear Brown?

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown returns to the show just as it looks like Bear Brown has the carpet pulled out from underneath him. Bear weathered the Raiven Adams storm online with words of inspiration. He turned the other cheek after his pregnant girlfriend broke off their engagement.

Now with the news that Matt Brown returns, will this put Bear Brown in his shadow? Matt Brown is a long-time fan-favorite of the Alaskan Bush People. With everything Bear went through recently will Matt Brown’s return to the show unintentionally send Bear Brown to the back burner?

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Plays Cards He’s Handed?

Even though Raiven wasn’t on Alaskan Bush People this season, Bear’s whirl-wind romance played out online. Their relationship was announced as the season rolled out its episodes. That was followed by the announcement of his engagement. It was coupled with gushing words of love from the smitten Brown son.

Then the news of a split popped up online just as the Alaskan Bush People episodes came to an end. Next came Raiven’s pregnancy. This was another surprise to hit the viewers just after the last season closed.

It looks like Bear Brown did the best he could to explain what happened. From where the Alaskan Bush People fans sat, Bear had a new girlfriend, became engaged, got dumped, and then announced he was going to be a father. All this happened within a matter of weeks.

He dated Raiven a year prior to her introduction to the Alaskan Bush People online followers. But his split came shortly after he revealed his love interest to the masses.

Besides expecting Bear Browns’s baby, how will the Discovery Channel handle Raiven if she’s already filmed for the new season of Alaskan Bush People? While she didn’t show up last season, she was there as they filmed some of the next season’s episodes.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Bear’s Ex Raiven Adams Makes Debut On New Season?

Bear Brown first announced Raiven as his new love interest by saying they might yet see her on the show. Then Raiven’s mom Kassey Michelle announced that her daughter signed an ND (non-disclose) agreement with the Discovery Channel. So it sounds like Raiven filmed with the Alaskan Bush People show.

When someone signs an ND agreement, it usually comes with some type of compensation, like a check. So it looks as if Raiven might appear in upcoming Alaskan Bush People episodes on the next season.

Bear went all out for Raiven. Starting with building the double-wide shipping container house for his once-future bride. Not to mention all the gushing he did online about his angel.

All the hoopla over Bear Brown’s future wife might have pushed up the ratings for the next seasons Alaskan Bush People. But with the two no longer together will the Discovery Channel keep her in the episodes or cut her out?

Either way, the next season seems to be a bit messy for Bear. Even now online, Bear’s posts seem darker than previously when he was with Raiven. The photo above has fans offering words of encouragement because he looks rather sad. Or at least that’s the way fans see him.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown

Alaskan Bush People: Now Bear Offers the Updates On Billy Brown

With Matt Brown gone from the show, it looked as if Bear Brown stepped into his place. As the oldest child of the Alaskan Bush People, Matt, 35, often spoke for the family.

These days it’s Bear Brown, 31, who appears to be the family spokesperson. Bam Brown, 33, is the next in line after Matt Brown. But for some reason, Bear took on the Alaskan Bush People tribe spokesperson task.

The expectant father recently offered pictures and updates on Billy Brown after he had major surgery. While Billy still has a road of recuperation ahead of him, he’s doing better.

Bear shared the latest update about his Alaskan Bush People dad this week. He passed along how his dad is feeling better. He also added a photo of Grandpa Billy playing with Noah Brown and Rhain Brown’s son Elijah Brown.

Matt Brown Returns At a Good Time?

Now with the news that Matt Brown signed on for the next season, it looks like Bear might lose his place as the spokesperson. That is if Matt Brown picks up where he left off.

Many fans of the Alaskan Bush People show saw Raiven as a way to boost ratings. Billy Brown was adamant about Matt Brown remaining off the show. But Matt Brown made a visit to the mountain to ask for his spot back on the family’s reality series. This coincides with the timeline of Bear’s relationship demise.

With this Discovery Channel show’s ratings not at a level they once were, did Raiven’s departure open the door for Matt? Billy Brown appears to be a shrewd businessman. So he must have recognized how the show needed something more.

When Raiven and Bear’s romance crashed and burned, was Matt’s return the next best thing for the ratings?

There’s also a possibility of Raiven showing up in future episodes. This means Bear Brown might have to relive his over-the-top swooning mode as the show rolls out again. So, it looks like the next season of Alaskan Bush People might be a messy one for Bear Brown.

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