‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown and Raiven Hint New Addition In Waist-Down Photo

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown and his girlfriend Raiven Adams recently posted photos that suggest the couple is growing in more ways than one. It seems Bear Brown and his girl Raiven Adams continue to profess their love for each online. But now a recent photo shows they’ve been busy planning for the future.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Flies Home With Raiven Adams

It looks like Bear Brown and his girl just flew back to the Alaskan Bush People mountain compound from a trip which included visiting with her family. A photo posted by Raiven Adams shows the family together with mom Kassy Michelle in the middle. Since Rachel hails from Colorado, it looks like the couple hopped a flight to go back to her home and visit the family.

From the looks of their posts, Raiven Adams and Bear Brown certainly spend a lot of time around the Alaskan Bush People tribe. So now it appears Raiven Adams gets time with her own brood after spending quite a bit of time with the Alaskan Bush People family.

Ravien’s family picture, which includes both Raiven and Bear, has a hashtag disclaimer from Raiven Adams. She posts “not a wedding ring” as the ring on her finger shines in the light. After all that she’s been through with the chatter online, it looks like she learned to nip it in the bud.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams - Bear Brown

Raiven Offers Disclaimer Hashtag

Before a story about that ring was spun, Raiven Adams made sure to highlight a denial. She did this before some Alaskan Bush People followers could take a look at her finger and assume wedding bells.

Along with a few solo pictures of Bear Brown and Raiven Adams, the couple posted several of the two of them together. They also posted a few pictures together with some of the wolfpack siblings as well.

Bear, as well as Raiven, also shared the view from Bear’s new dwelling on top of the Alaskan Bush People mountain. Then Raiven posted a picture of a gift Bear Brown presented to her. It’s a water bottle that’s seen better days. Inside he put a flower. While it really looked like something someone tossed away, Raiven felt honored that Bear created it for her.

Alaskan Bush People: New Addition Hints in Photos

Then comes two photos, which are both quite telling. It looks like this new Alaskan Bush People couple expanded a bit. The picture shows Raiven Adams and Bear Brown only from just above the waist and down. This offers the first clue to the new addition. The second picture that offers a hint is one of Raiven Adams alone.

So what addition did Bear and Raiven hint to in these pictures? Remember that shipping container that Bear Brown dragged up the Alaskan Bush People mountain? Well, it looks like it’s got a twin. Yes, another shipping container appears to be anchored to the first.

You can see this in both pictures. The one where Raiven lays side by side with Bear on top of the containers. This is the photo where the two posed from about the waist down.

Bear Brown posted a pic of Raiven sitting alone on top of the container and it’s easy to see there’s another shipping container there as well. The new container appears older looking. The original container he called home is red. So there you have it, Bear and his lovely gal are expanding their living space, apparently one shipping container at a time.

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