‘Alaskan Bush People’: Raiven Digs Herself In Deeper – Not Following Bear Brown’s Lead?

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown found love with Raiven Adams but her initiation into the reality show world has been anything but smooth. It doesn’t look like Raiven follows Bear’s lead when it comes to dealing with the critics online.

When Bear Brown introduced her to the show’s followers, Ravien Adams found many fans welcomed her to the Alaskan Bush People family. But the critics now have a field day with the young bright-eyed beauty who keeps giving them fuel for their jabs.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams New to the Game?

The 21-year-old is a decade younger than Bear Brown and it seems as if the Alaskan Bush People show is her first experience as a public figure. Reality show stars vs movie stars get very different treatment.

The big-time celebs you see in movies play a part. They become someone else in their role. Then they go back home and attempt to keep much of their home life private. But not shows like Alaskan Bush People.

The big draw with reality celebs is that what you see is supposedly real. They agree to put themselves in a fishbowl for your entertainment, leaving themselves wide open for the criticism that comes their way. After all, reality shows need to be filled with drama or else people won’t watch.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams

Bear Brown Introduces New Girlfriend and Flood Gates Open

While Raiven Adams hasn’t appeared on Alaskan Bush People as of yet, she’s slated to show up this season. So viewers of the show did their armchair sleuthing once she was introduced as part of Bear Brown’s life going forward.

Right out of the gate critics suggested she may be using Bear Brown to gain fame. She’s introduced as a model, which she is, but for her photographer mother.

Alaskan Bush People fans learned her professional photos had a connection to the photographer. So some followers of Alaskan Bush People saw a bit of embellishment around the word model since she only poses for her mom. The critics hopped online to point this out.

Alaskan Bush People: Kassy Michelle and Raiven Do Battle?

Facebook groups started posting the professional-looking pictures of Raiven. But Kassy took the stunning photos of Raiven Adams as part of her profession. Soon reports put both Raiven and her mom allegedly threatening action for the use of those photos without consent. Apparently, the tone of Raiven and her mother seemed to rub some of the fans of Alaskan Bush People the wrong way.

This created ire among the Alaskan Bush People online groups. Each time Raiven Adams addressed the critics, condemning what they said, which seemed to fuel the fire even more. Then even more people seemed to hop online to throw things in this Alaskan Bush People newcomer’s way.

She continued to profess her love for Bear Brown and attempting to convey how Bear is the real deal for her. Again, this became an invitation for the naysayers to jump right in.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams

The Past Comes Back to Bite Them

The flood gates opened from there. Alaskan Bush People critics dredged up both Raiven Adams and her mother’s past and posted what they found online. But Raiven continued addressing these posts. It appears she didn’t realize her online rebuttals only kept things going.

She let the critics know they got to her. Her recent posts address people revealing her past love life that she hoped would remain private. But that just did the opposite by drawing more attention to her past.

Then fans questioned the amount of time she actually spent with Bear Brown. That’s because she seemed to wear the same outfit in the majority of the photos online.

This led some of the people who follow the Alaskan Bush People to believe the photos were made to look like they spanned a week. But because she sported the same overalls in the photos, fans suggested they were really all done on the same day.

Instead of ignoring this, Raiven Adams clapped back saying she happens to like the denim bibbed overalls. She even posted a photo of herself wearing them as a small child on Instagram, which is posted above.

Apparently she attempted to show people that she always liked this style. By now even the fans that defended Raiven from the critics suggested she looks adorable in the baby pic but also suggested that she move on.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Alaskan Bush People – Take a Lesson from Bear

Then hop over to Bear’s Instagram account, who speaks to the fan base generically. He doesn’t address anything the critics toss the Alaskan Bush People cast. Not even his girlfriend Raiven Adams. Instead, he sounds like a world conquerer. As he offers his 31-years of experience on this planet so far.

Bear Brown writes: “I’ve known people that have died! I’ve been left behind by my closest friends!”  He watched his house reduced to cinders. As far as the elements go, he also endured extreme temperatures.

He’s been in the bone-chilling cold that hit 39 degrees below zero. Even 120 degrees of heat didn’t phase him. He hunted for his dinner, he tells fans. He also “fished for it out of the sea and rivers with my own hands”!

You can’t say Bear Brown is lacking in the dramatics. This Alaskan Bush People son tells the fans “I’ve seen my mother and my dad die right before my eyes and I saw them wake back up”! Bear Brown shared all this and more online this week.

He finishes off his declaration of life with how blessed he feels today. Then Bear shares how he has the love of “a beautiful woman who deserves FAR better than I.”

Then the man from the wild goes on to thank God for all he has in life including his mom and dad as well. The finishing touch for this smitten son from the Alaskan Bush People  – “my cup runneth over”.

A Generic Post Does It Every Time

It sounds like Bear Brown knows how to handle himself online. He floods them with kindness without specifically addressing any of the criticism.

Raiven Adams hops online to say “You will always deserve all I have to offer.” Even her mom commented that she couldn’t imagine a better person for Raiven. She also expresses that she has “faith in the two of you”. Kassy then shares that she’s excited to see what their future together will look like.

So maybe Raiven Adams will learn to deal with the reality show fame the way Bear Brown does. He’s not going to offer any inkling on whether or not what people say get to him. He fights all the negativity with kindness.

Of course if anyone is looking for attention, the one sure-fire way to get it is by constantly addressing the naysayers online. But it sounds as if Raiven wants to pull away from all the negativity as well.

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