‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear’s Girlfriend Raiven – Mom Kassy has 8 Arrests on Long Rap Sheet?

Dating Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown suddenly awards Raiven Adams fame but it also plays havoc with her mom’s past, Kassy Michelle. Raiven’s fame puts both her and her mother into the headlines. While Kassy made the headlines today for alledgely spending time in jail for theft, that’s not all. That appears to be just the tip of the iceberg.

As Raiven’s love story unfolds with Bear Brown, she’s a person of interest for those who follow the Alaskan Bush People. But when her mother became another party heard from – well, the floodgates opened.

Bear Brown found happiness with his new gal-pal Raiven Adams. Reports indicate fans of Alaskan Bush People get to see their year-long love story unfold on the new season. You don’t have much longer to wait as Season 10 premieres Sunday, August, 4 on Discovery Channel.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams Finds Fame with Bear Brown

Once Bear introduced Raiven to Alaskan Bush People followers recently on social media, fans wanted to know more about her. Not only is Raiven now under a microscope, but it also looks like her family is as well. Raiven’s mother, Kassy Michelle, is a photographer.

Kassy took the wedding pictures at Noah’s Alaskan Bush People wedding last year. Raiven came along as her assistant and that’s how she met Bear Brown. Sparks were instant, according to both Bear Brown and Raiven Adams in a recent interview.

But as her daughter’s love story unfolds, Kassy Michelle has found herself the topic of online chatter as well. As a photographer, she posts her professional photos online. Raiven often stands-in as a model for her mom. So Kassy’s page offers many images of the newest face among the Alaskan Bush People tribe, her daughter.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Raiven Adams

Kassy Michelle Enters the Picture

As a professional photographer, it seems Kassy, along with her daughter Raiven, took offense to people using these photos without consent. Raiven offered up a recent post telling fans of the Alaskan Bush People that she won’t be responsible for what happens if they don’t stop using her mom’s professional photos.

It also seems a battle ensued among members of an Alaskan Bush People Facebook group after someone contacted them. A woman claiming to represent the Brown family contacted the administrator of the FB group via phone calls.

Reports also indicate this woman basically suggested that the Alaskan Bush People FB administrator is facing legal ramifications for posting Raiven’s photos taken by Kassy. Then another younger woman followed with even more phone calls, which eventually got nasty in nature, according to reports.

While no names were mentioned, it seems the FB people have their ideas on the identities of this older woman and younger woman making the calls. This riled up the members of the Alaskan Bush People group who offered backlash. This back and forth appears to continue online.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams



Alaskan Bush People: Bite Back or Ignore?

So, it looks like Kassy Michelle may have made the mistake of biting back. Apparently, Raiven and her mom are new to social media. Doing battle online never seems to offer any benefits. That’s why many of the reality stars ignore the jabs online.

But those who don’t seem to help it escalate to new heights and do nothing more than prolonging the agony. Now that Kassy Michelle’s name is out there, people on social media started doing some digging into her background.

It seems the digging into the past of Raiven Adams and her mom begins. Now that they’re affiliated with Alaskan Bush People, it seems s if one media site dug up info from the past about Kassy Michelle. But a background check of Kassy Michelle, who also uses a few alias names, shows that she has a rap sheet. Names used include Kassy Michelle Green, Kassy French, and Kassy McRoberts. Her mugshot appears below.  Public records for her name reveal several offenses and arrests including:

11/18/98 – Bad check paid fine
11/27/98 – Bad checks – dismissed
11/4/99 –   Bad checks – Texas – case dismissed
11/27/99 – Bad check – paid fine
12/14/99 – Potter Texas – misdemeanor theft – (This is the charge that landed Kassy in jail for 45-days).
12/14/99 – Theft by conversion (Taking possession of something that’s not lawfully yours with many possible extenuating circumstances).
1/21/02   – Theft by check – failure to maintain financial responsibility. She had $2,000 bond but spent the night in jail.
1/21/02   – Disorderly conduct – Texas – Took a Nolo plea
12/11/02 – Comanche County OK – Driving without license/suspended license – convicted
11/2013  – State of Florida tax lien

Alaskan Bush People: Kassy Michelle



Mom Spends 45-Days in Jail

First of all, this jail sentence happened back in July of 2000, almost two decades ago. At the time, Raiven’s mother went by the name, Kassy Michelle Green. According to a report, court documents indicate she went to jail for 45 days for a class B theft.

This charge happened in Potter County, Texas, and it stemmed from an incident in 1999. The report indicated a theft of clothing that was valued at $50.00 or more but no more than $500.00.

According to the report, Raiven’s mom waived her right to an attorney at the time. The end result of this day in court – 45 days in jail and $100 fine. Did Kassy Michelle and Raiven Adams unintentionally make themselves a target via the battle online about the pictures? It certainly put Kassy’s name out there.

Alaskan Bush People – So You Want to Be a Reality Star?

This seems rather sad for Bear Brown and Raiven, who appears quite smitten with one another. Bear waited almost a year once he started dating Raiven to introduce her to the people who follow the Alaskan Bush People.

Maybe he tried to shelter Raiven from this type of publicity for as long as he could. With the new season rolling out Sunday and Raiven Adams slated to show up on the screen, he eventually needed to introduce her. While Raiven Adams and Bear Brown share their joy, it also appears this fame offers a downside.

Well it looks like Kassy Michelle realizes she’s setting herself up for scrutiny by rubbing the fans the wrong way. It seems she came around and agreed to let people use her photos as long as they don’t put their own watermark on the images. So it looks like you’ll be seeing a lot more of Raiven – in pics anyway.

Tune in Sunday night August, 4 at 9 pm ET, to the premiere of Alaskan Bush People on the Discovery Channel.

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