‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown in City Dwelling as Family Dupes Fans

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown got his turn to stun yet another follower of the show with his latest posts on social media. The fan asked if he really does live in the bush since many of his new photos show city life in the background.

While the Alaskan Bush People do a great job of building up their North Star Ranch in Washington State, some fans already know it’s more of a temporary home. Or you might even say a film set. Some veteran watchers of the Discovery Channel show know the family comes to the mountain for the sake of filming the show.

Alaskan Bush People: Does Bear Brown or Anybody Really Live in the Bush?

But each season of Alaskan Bush People, it seems someone is stumped when they see one or more of the Brown family members outside of the wilderness setting. The show started out with the Browns seemingly living far off the beaten path in Alaska. But, as time goes by, little bit more of the truth comes out.

For instance, their Browntown Alaskan home was just a few miles from a pizza joint and 10 miles from a nearby town. The Brown’s weren’t as far removed from civilization as they portrayed. As the Alaskan Bush People seasons rolled out over the years, more and more of the truth emerged.

Some Alaskan Bush People viewers know the family doesn’t live in the wild, but they are hooked on the show. The accusations of the show being fake still fly each season, but the negative attention works just as well at promoting the show.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Civilization in the Background – That’s the Real Deal

Veteran watchers of Alaskan Bush People know that the family is scattered around the nation when the show isn’t filming. Still, each season it seems to dawn on new viewers that the family members are seen on social media with civilization in the background.

Photos of the individual Alaskan Bush People family members emerge from New York, Colorado, California, as well as other places they call home or visit. Like Noah Brown and his wife Rhain Brown who live in a Colorado cottage gifted to them by Billy Brown.

Joshua ‘Bam’ Brown lives with his girlfriend, Allison Kagan. But she hasn’t appeared on the Alaskan Bush People current season so far. He left his home to come back to the mountain for filming. Reports indicate Bam is only there fulfilling his contract to the show. Otherwise, he’s reportedly content away from the family.

Alaskan Bush People: Mountain Comes to Life During Discovery Channel Filming

Both Noah and Bam Brown reportedly left the Alaskan Bush People home on the mountain with their ladies in tow after friction with their parents. The reports indicate Bam didn’t like the way his parents treated Allison.

But it seems Bam and Alison purchased an old ferry boat and reports had them refurbishing the ship in 2017 and 2018. So it looks like Bam’s rustic living had nothing to do with the wilderness over the last few years. He shifted his adventure to the water.

Bam left the family to start a life with Allison. He met her when she worked as the field producer for their Alaskan Bush People show. Now he is back in Season 10. But again, reports indicate it’s the show that brought him back.

As far as Noah goes, it sounds as if he also had a row with Ami Brown and Billy Brown. But it couldn’t have been that bad if Billy gave them a house to live in. Matt Brown lives in California with his girlfriend, but he hasn’t been on the show this season.

It sounds as if Matt’s last meeting with Billy Brown smoothed things over. So fans might see him on the TLC reality show yet again. Bear Brown showed up in photos outside their wilderness home through the seasons. Now it looks like he’s traveling quite a bit via his posted pictures with his bride-to-be Raiven Adams.

Brown Clan Scatters When Cameras Go Away

But this is nothing new, Bear Brown posted photos in the past doing all sorts of activities among civilization. As far as the adult boys of the Alaskan Bush People, it looks like they scatter throughout the US when the filming halts.

Even Billy and Ami Brown have a home down off that mountain where they live with their girls. They live in a rental home in Loomis,  Washington. Gabe Brown and Raquell Brown also live in Loomis near their parents.

As far as Bear Brown is concerned, pinning him down isn’t easy but he’s seen with Rachel’s family a lot recently. Where these two will settle is anyone’s guess. Although Raiven recently confirmed they’ve moved down from the mountain. But she followed that with a hint that they’ll be back in their shipping containers in the future.

Alaskan Bush People: That’s Entertainment

While the Brown’s don’t live in the wilderness full-time, they do battle the elements and face all types of danger in the bush. Whether it’s in the Alaskan bush or their Washington State bush compound, the scenes the viewers of the Alaskan Bush People see are real.

This offers entertainment and that makes the show popular. So the wilderness factor is there, it’s just not there when the cameras stop rolling. It seems when the cameras do stop, this is when everyone goes home, to a more modern-day lifestyle. Still, each new season seems to bring a group of newly surprised fans that the show isn’t as off-grid as it appears to be.

Discovery Channel rolls out new episodes of Season 10 at 9 pm on Sunday nights.

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