‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Posts Baby’s First Pics – Raiven Praises Herself with New Details

Alaskan Bush People celeb Bear Brown and his ex-girlfriend Raiven Adams both offered first photos of their new baby boy along with details on his birth. Bear and Raiven are now the proud parents of River Anthony, who came into this world on March 9.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown & Raiven Adams – Different Birth Announcements

This newest member of the Alaskan Bush People tribe was born weeks before his due date of April 19. The little guy is a preemie, weighing only 4-pounds, 15-ounces, but Raiven Adams reports River gets stronger every day. So that is great news for daddy Bear Brown and fans of the Discovery Channel Show.

Both new parents had their own way of presenting their new son to the world via social media. Raiven Adams added a bit of drama into her birth announcement.

But Bear Brown seemed to tread lightly with posting his pics of the little Alaskan Bush People baby. He was sure to mention how he got the photos in the first place.

Raiven sounds as if she pioneered her way through a rare type of emergency cesarian section birth. Bear, on the other hand, appears a bit confused.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Baby River Anthony - Raiven Adams


Proud Dad – Bear Brown Calls Baby ‘Mini-Me’

Bear Brown notes how the baby looks like a miniature version of his Alaskan Bush People papa. When he shared the two photos above online he noted he got permission from Raiven to share them.

Then Bear introduces the littlest member of his Alaskan Bush People family. But, it seems he might be confused about his son’s full name. The hashtags he used appear to point that out.

Raiven Adams announced the birth of her son River Anthony. But she didn’t mention the baby’s last name. So it seems there’s some confusion for Bear Brown or at least he’s unsure of his son’s last name. In the hashtags, he puts both River Brown and River Adams. So will River carry on the Alaskan Bush People tradition with the Brown family name? Or will the little guy carry the name of the Adams family?

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Baby - River Anthony - Raiven Adams


Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams Feared Baby Treatment

Raiven Adams wrote a lengthy post describing the birth of her baby. She also seemed to give herself a pat on the back for what she has planned for the future. The newest Alaskan Bush People tribal member was born at 7:15 am n March 9 and delivered through an emergency C-section.

While Bear Brown’s son is now hooked up to machines to help him breathe as his lungs develop, he’s getting stronger as each day passes by. Raiven Adams also describes how she debated whether or not to share anything about her new baby because of all the hate she’s experienced online in the past.

But she’s happy to report people have said nothing but wonderful things when it comes to her Alaskan Bush People son. Then she claims the birth of her baby will forever change her. It even saved her life but she doesn’t offer details about that.

Raiven Gives Herself a Pat On the Back

It sounds like Raiven Adams sings praises to herself as she starts her journey as a single parent. She’s willing to do it all alone, even “financially”. This seems to speak to all the critics out there who accused Raiven of seeking fame and money via the Alaskan Bush People series.

It also sounds like Raiven is in a category all her own when it comes to suffering through this C-section. Raiven writes that although many women have C-sections – hers was a bit more complicated. But she stops short on offering up the details as to why that is.

It’s not known if Bear Brown met his newborn son face to face. It’s also not known if any of his Alaskan Bush People siblings or parents did as well. Bear told fans on his social media that he’s been camping all alone in the woods. So, it doesn’t sound as if Bear got to meet his new baby in person.

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