‘Alaskan Bush People’: Broken Bear Brown Looks for Glue – But There’s No Easy Fix

Alaskan Bush People celeb Bear Brown is wading through the aftermath of his failed relationship with Raiven Adams by reaching out to fans with some odd posts. The son of the wilderness family looks sad and he does admit his heart is broken. Today he is looking for the glue to put it back together, as seen in the post below.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Quiet for a Reason?

So what’s going on with Bear Brown today? Unfortunately, this son from the Alaskan Bush People family is under a non-disclose contract with the people who bring you this reality show.

While it’s not known just how much the Discovery Channel allows Bear Brown to say, it’s probably not too much. So while the Alaskan Bush People viewers heard Raiven Adams’ side of the story, no one has yet heard what Bear Brown has to say.

His ex, Raiven Adams is also reportedly under an Alaskan Bush People non-disclose agreement. Her mom Kassy Michelle reported this when her daughter Raiven first broke it off with Bear Brown.

So how did Raiven Adams manage to make all her allegations public without repercussions from that Alaskan Bush People contract? As her mother noted, Kassy isn’t under an agreement so she can say what she wants to about her daughter.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Raiven Adam’s Story Is Out There

Apparently Raiven Adams didn’t say much at all. Even though the allegations that she made against Bear Brown have now become public knowledge, it came from the restraining order documents she filed in an Alaskan court.

Raiven Adams painted life with Bear Brown as dangerous with her claims of alleged cocaine use by her ex and other unsubstantiated accusations.

Raiven Adams mentioned quite a bit about their relationship in her restraining order against the Alaskan Bush People father-to-be. So it looks as if her side is out there but Bear Brown is stuck keeping quiet. It seems all this Discovery Channel star can do is express how he’s feeling these days in little quips.  So he does.

Alaskan Bush People: A Lot to Lose

There might be another reason that Bear Brown remains quiet about his side to this rather sad story. He hired a high-powered attorney for this case and this attorney may recommend Bear not speak about this until it’s over. And… it’s far from over.

The judge granted a long-term restraining order to Raiven Adams against Bear Brown when they went back to court on February 27. The possible ramifications of this restraining order are vast. This could interfere in Bear’s custody of his son in the future. It may even jeopardize the Alaskan Bush People show as well.

There’s already calls for the Discovery Channel to pull the show off the air once Raiven’s accusations became public. Although Bear did announce one thing after the restraining order surfaced – he doesn’t do drugs. But that’s about as much as fans have heard from his side of the story.

Still, when Bear Brown asked for the glue to help mend his broken heart, people pipped up. He’s got some die-hard fans out there who don’t believe what Raiven accused him of. So there’s plenty of people who want to help Bear Brown find that glue as well.

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