‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown’s Desperation Surfaces With New Bear Brown Clip?

Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown appears to tap his son Bear Brown for help in bringing in the views with a different type of drama. Papa Brown knows that drama brings in the ratings but a new stomach-churning scene might cross the line.

Following the Alaskan Bush People on Wednesday nights is the new show Man Vs. Bear. The Discovery Channel rolled out this new series last week.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown Squeezes Out the Drama

Man Vs. Bear is another reality show but it’s about competition instead of highlighting the daily activities of a family like the Alaskan Bush People.  The new show, Man Vs. Bear is exactly how it sounds, it pits humans against wild bears in competition.

This new Discovery Channel series seems to gather some interest. Since it follows the Alaskan Bush People it looks like someone thought of a way to grab a bit of that attention for Billy Brown’s show.

Not much happens around the Brown compound without running it first by Billy. So chances are Billy had a hand in this Bear Brown ploy slated to air this week.

Billy Brown’s wild-acting son, Bear Brown, appears in a clip during this Wednesday’s Man Vs Bear show. Well, it’s one way to ride on the coattails of the new show getting a lot of attention.

With the Alaskan Bush People ratings not as stellar as they once were, it looks like they need all the help they can get. So it seems Bear Brown is this week’s attempt at jaw-dropping drama. But instead of dropping jaws, some people find it nauseating. Including the family members watching.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Snowbird Brown - Rain Brown - Rhain Brown 2

Bear Brown in Stomach-Churning Scene

So you get to see a bit of the Alaskan Bush People in this new competition show this week. But watching the scene not only offers drama but its something that may also churn your stomach. It had that effect on Bear Brown’s two sisters and sister-in-law.

Apparently Bear Brown prides himself on knowing a lot about the wild bears. He believes he can eat like his namesake as well. But a grizzly bear can take in as much as 90 pounds of food a day. So what is the Alaskan Bush People man-child attempting to prove?

Considering Bear Brown doesn’t look like he weighs much more than 90 pounds, which is what wild bears can eat in a day, how is this a competition? Still, he embarks on this task. So, with all the take-out food you can imagine suddenly appearing in the wilderness, Bear starts the minute timer and chows down.

Yes, a minute timer. So this wasn’t really Bear Vs. Bear. Instead, it looked more like an excuse for Bear Brown to stuff his face with pizza, wings, hard-boiled eggs, and other things.

The spread consisted of food that doesn’t sprout up from the forest floor or isn’t caught out of a river in the wilderness. Apparently Alaskan Bush People take-out is another way to forage for food this season.

Alaskan Bush People: Bailing Out a Sinking Ship

Chatter started even before Billy Brown and his family’s new Alaskan Bush People season rolled out. With ratings falling and the show going through some drastic changes maybe Billy Brown sees more drama as the answer.

While Bear stuffed his face, his two sisters, Snowbird Brown and Rain Brown watched as judges. They were also joined by sister-in-law Rhain Alisha Brown. It looked like the three young women had another purpose other than just judging Bear’s food intake. They made all the facial grimaces and noises needed to demonstrate how disgusting this was.

The event started with some concern, Snowbird, Rain, and Rhain were uncomfortable with Bear stuffing his face. They considered this dangerous. But they did’t say much when Noah played with electricity and water on the show. Everyone thought Noah’s creation of his plug-in ever-flowing baby bath creation was a stroke of genius. He made this contraption to bathe his baby son.

Billy Brown is the man behind this family reality show. When Billy’s son Matt Brown fell into the darkness of addiction, Billy fired him from the show because he couldn’t rely on him. Matt had to get his father’s permission to come back to the show. It looks like Billy Brown holds the keys to this kingdom.

So it’s probably safe to say Billy probably had a hand in his son’s food-eating ploy. It also appears the fans think Billy Brown is doing this best to bring in the viewers. But some see this as a bit desperate.

Alaskan Bush People offers their new season episodes on Wednesdays, so tune in to The Discovery Channel.

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