‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy Brown’s New Season Here – Desperate Risks For Papa’s Dream

Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown and family return to the screen Wednesday night with a new season that makes big promises. But will the Discovery Channel show deliver what fans expect this time around?

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown Watches As His Dream Comes to Life

The Alaskan Bush People family members worked hard at erecting a mountainside compound. It’s the result of a Billy Brown dream. It seems the off-grid self-sustained village comes together as Billy’s family all pitche in and the viewers get to watch this happen.

One of the big questions leading up to the new Alaskan Bush People season centers on the cast. Going into the new season fans want to know who returns with the Alaskan Bush People‘s Billy Brown to finish off his dream?

Matt Brown is a fan-favorite. With the promise that he’ll grace the screen fans will surely tune in to see just how he’s weathered his hiatus from his father, Billy. But it doesn’t look like the eldest Brown son carved out an entire season for himself.

Alaskan Bush People: Billy Brown

Is Billy’s son Matt Brown Around?

New reports suggest Matt will show up alright, but he probably won’t be a full-time cast member. It looks like that might be the same for Joshua “Bam” Brown as well. Both of Billy Brown’s sons show up in previews but not on the family portrait.

A family photo is traditionally used to display the Alaskan Bush People cast members when each season rolls out. Both Matt and Bam are now missing from that traditional promo photo this season. But again, in a few of the promo clips, these two show up working with their siblings.

So this probably means Matt Brown and Bam Brown show up in a few episodes this season. Matt came to the mountain a while back asking his father, Billy Brown, to put him back on the show. Reports indicated that Matt needed a job.

At first, all the Alaskan Bush People kids but one had their name on a parcel of land on their new mountain land. Matt was the only name missing, which seemed to indicate he didn’t have a parcel of his own like his siblings.

After Matt met with Billy Brown and attempted to mend fences, his name did appear as a landowner. This meant, just like his other six siblings, he had a piece of the mountain all his own.

Alaskan Bush People: Not a DIY Show

So this season brings the Alaskan Bush People clan to the mountain to build their own homes. Each of the homes they build is as unique as the Brown sibling building it. From a castle to double-wide shipping containers, the Brown siblings all have their own individual ideas on what makes the best mountain dwelling.

So, Billy Brown and his family return Wednesday night and people get rattled as risks are taken. Let’s face it Billy can’t expect to hold the viewers’ interests offering a season of his kids’ building homes. This isn’t a DIY show.

It seems risk-taking and danger is a theme for this new season. Some of this is mapped out in the video above.

A new season of the Alaskan Bush People rolls out tonight, Wednesday, December 4, on the Discovery Channel.

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