‘When Calls The Heart’: Helen Asks Elizabeth to Keep a Secret

When Calls The Heart editor Helen Bouchard (Teryl Rothery) is distant and evasive when she arrives in Hope Valley, Helen evaluates Elizabeth Thornton’s (Erin Krakow) writing and reveals a family secret to her. Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) declares his love for Elizabeth.

When Calls The Heart: Helen Bouchard Attacks Elizabeth Thornton’s Manuscript

Helen Bouchard takes refuge in her hotel room and refuses to come out or entertain her son. Her excuse to Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) is she’s just tired from her trip, but he worries enough to ask Elizabeth to visit her. Elizabeth Thornton tries to make a good impression, bringing a basket of muffins to their first meeting.

Helen is rather abrupt with Elizabeth, who is already nervous by her presence. Elizabeth promises to be more dedicated to her writing before leaving with an abrupt manner of her own. Helen Bouchard later indicates to Lucas that she believes she will like Elizabeth Thornton. Elizabeth returns to begin editing her manuscript.

Helen’s exacting standards wear on Elizabeth’s patience as they proceed slowly through her writing. By the time they complete the first page, they have reached an understanding and share a smile. Helen Bouchard and Elizabeth Thornton form the beginnings of a friendship over the demanding work on WCTH.

When Calls The Heart: Helen Bouchard - Teryl Rothery

WCTH: Helen Needs a Friend

Lucas Bouchard, the business-man of When Calls The Heart, worries about his mother Helen when she arrives because she doesn’t leave her room.  She also isn’t interested in eating with him. He asks Elizabeth Thornton to visit with her as a favor to him, thinking she might bring Helen around. Their first meeting is less than stellar, but Elizabeth isn’t one to be intimidated.

Elizabeth Thornton, writer and schoolteacher, sits down with editor Helen Bouchard to polish her manuscript. A bond begins to form between the two women. Later, taking a walk together, Helen reveals her husband left her, which is why she came to Hope Valley’s WCTH. She implores Elizabeth to keep her secret because she hasn’t told Lucas yet.

When Calls The Heart’s teacher silently agrees to maintain Helen’s confidence, and Lucas immediately crosses the street to speak with them. Lucas asks if they’d all like to have dinner together, but Elizabeth refuses, with a pained look on her face. Elizabeth Thornton brings a smile to Lucas when she returns to ask for his help.

When Calls The Heart: Nathan Grant - Kevin McGarry

When Calls The Heart: Nathan Grant Declares His Love

Elizabeth Thornton, the woman in the When Calls The Heart love triangle, is waiting along the road by the pond when Nathan Grant returns from looking at some land to buy. Nathan tells her he’s ready to settle down. She confesses she cares deeply for him, but he wants more than she can give. She doesn’t want to risk losing him like she lost her husband because she couldn’t bear the pain.

He offers to quit the Mounties to reassure her of his safety, but Elizabeth Thornton can’t stand to discuss it any longer. As she attempts to leave, Nathan declares his love for her, rendering her speechless. She escapes the situation, trying to hide from her overwhelming feelings for the Mountie of When Calls The Heart.

Elizabeth always seems to be breathless when she talks to Nathan Grant. Are her feelings for him so strong they scare her away? Will she be able to face her emotions over her fears for his life? Her relationship with Lucas Bouchard seems much tamer and less explosive. When Calls The Heart on Hallmark brings plenty of excitement to faithful Hearties.

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