‘When Calls The Heart’: Elizabeth Thornton – Is the Tide Turning Again?

When Calls The Heart widow Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) has a hand in Ned Yost (Hrothgar Mathews)  and Florence Blakeley’s (Loretta Walsh) wedding. She also reconciles with her would-be suitor Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry). Elizabeth seems to be reflecting on her own situation as well.

When Calls The Heart: Elizabeth Thornton Makes Her Mark in Wedding Festivities

When Calls The Heart’s Elizabeth Thornton takes part in several aspects of Ned Yost and Florence Blakeley’s wedding. She reminds Ned that marriage is different for every couple, and he and Florence will find their own path. Elizabeth also confronted Ned’s daughter when she arrived in town and expressed displeasure with her Dad’s nuptials.

Katie Yost (Larissa Dias) returned to Hope Valley in time for her father’s wedding on When Calls The Heart but brushed past Elizabeth Thornton with barely a word. Later, Elizabeth spoke with Katie and reminded her that as much as Ned loved Katie’s mother, he’s found another woman to love. Elizabeth said the greatest risk was possibly not experiencing the greatest joy. Elizabeth also convinced Florence Blakeley she was no ugly duckling and bolstered her spirits on her wedding day on WCTH.

She was the only one allowed in the barbershop while they finalized the choices for Florence’s hairdo on Hallmark’s When Calls The Heart. Elizabeth popped in and out of the dress shop a few times, and she and Rosemary Coulter (Pascale Hutton) were speaking almost normally to each other by the end of the day. The two friends are at odds lately over Rosemary’s advice about the love triangle with Elizabeth Thornton and her two suitors, Nathan Grant and Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally).

When Calls The Heart: Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry)


WCTH: Nathan’s Revelation is Discussed

In a previous episode of When Calls The Heart, Elizabeth Thornton cornered Nathan about his part in her husband’s death. His answer shocked her into speechlessness. Nathan said he was supposed to lead the training mission, which encountered the landslide that killed Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing). He felt guilty, so he asked for a transfer to Hope Valley to look after Elizabeth and her son.

Elizabeth Thornton exchanged a serious look with Nathan as he approached while she was speaking with Rosemary about Florence’s dress. No words were spoken, but they each appeared to have something to say. Lucas Bouchard watched through the doorway and turned away after their encounter. Later, on When Calls The Heart, Lucas warned Nathan to stop pressuring Elizabeth.

After the wedding on When Calls The Heart, Elizabeth asked Nathan to step outside for a moment. Once out of earshot, she told Nathan it wasn’t his fault Jack died. Jack might have replaced anyone, and it just happened to be him. She assured Nathan she didn’t blame him for Jack’s death. The two hold hands, similar to the game at the bachelorette party, but Lucas is watching from the window with a thoughtful look.

When Calls The Heart: Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) - Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally)

When Calls The Heart: Elizabeth Seems Reflective

Throughout the latest episode of Hallmark’s When Calls The Heart, Elizabeth seemed to be referring to her own relationships. Elizabeth Thornton reminded Ned that people like themselves know what it’s like to lose someone and wish for just one more day with their love. But the question they have to ask, she said, is what will they do with today?

She told Katie the greatest joy required the greatest risk. Elizabeth Thornton herself has been in a quandary this season over which of her two suitors she should ultimately choose. She’s been playing with her wedding band lately, which she still wears. She played with it at the wedding while seated next to Lucas on When Calls The Heart.

But it was Nathan’s hands Elizabeth Thornton chose at the party games before the wedding. And she was holding Nathan’s hands at the end of the most recent episode of When Calls The Heart. She’s been spending a lot of time with Lucas after telling Nathan she couldn’t give him what he wants. Are Elizabeth’s feelings turning back to Nathan?

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