‘When Calls The Heart’ Spoilers: Helen Bouchard Bossy from the Jump

When Calls The Heart spoilers indicate Helen Bouchard (Teryl Rothery) is a bit intimidating. Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) said she felt unwell after Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) introduced his mother in the series opener and asked Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) to walk her back home. Will Elizabeth be able to stand up to the prickly Helen?

When Calls The Heart Spoilers: Helen Bouchard Calls Elizabeth Thornton Undisciplined

When Calls The Heart spoilers show Helen Bouchard, an accomplished editor, has plenty to say about Elizabeth Thornton’s writing. Elizabeth has been dreaming of publishing a book for some time but was turned down by several publishers. Lucas Bouchard, one of her suitors, used his contact in the editing world, his own mother Helen, to help Elizabeth accomplish her dream.

To the struggling writer’s dismay, Helen is an exacting taskmaster. She chastises Elizabeth for not finishing her manuscript on time. Helen pressures her for more dedication to her writing, calling her an undisciplined writer. Hope Valley’s teacher on When Calls The Heart tries to defend herself, but Helen suggests she dedicate some time to her writing before they speak again.

When Calls the Heart’s new addition, Helen mentions she may have wasted her time coming to Hallmark’s Hope Valley. But, Lucas assures her his mother’s bark is worse than her bite. Rosemary Coulter (Pascale Hutton) thinks she should stand her ground with Helen Bouchard and assures Elizabeth she’s a wonderful writer. Helen sees a glimpse of backbone from her protégé as she leaves the room.

When Calls The Heart: Elizabeth Thornton - Erin Krakow - Nathan Grant - Kevin McGarry - Lucas Bouchard - Chris McNally

Helen Senses the Love Triangle on When Calls The Heart

With a mother’s sense of perception, Helen Bouchard doesn’t take much time to sense the tensions between her son Lucas and local Constable Nathan Grant. The atmosphere was palpable when Lucas first introduced them to his mother in the premiere of Season 8 of When Calls The Heart. The pressure of meeting the editor so unexpectedly actually made Elizabeth Thornton feel unwell.

Helen did not miss the looks between her son and Nathan Grant nor the ones between him and the pretty teacher. She takes notice again when Lucas stares intently as Nathan rides past. The feisty mother calls Lucas on his attraction and puts him on the spot. Chris McNally, who plays Lucas Bouchard on When Calls The Heart, tells viewers in an interview that the encounter with Elizabeth and Helen in front of the café crushed Lucas’ dreams.

Nathan Grant has increased confidence since his near-death experience at the end of Season 7. He shows promise of that spirit when he interacts with Elizabeth in the first episode of When Calls The Heart. Fans can expect to see more from Nathan as his feelings for her mature. Hearties will also learn why he’s been so distant up until now.

When Calls The Heart: Nathan Grant - Kevin McGarry

Nathan’s Ready to Settle Down

Nathan Grant has been lukewarm in his pursuit of Elizabeth up until now. Up until the first episode of Season 8 of Hallmark’s When Calls The Heart, he held back his affection and emotion toward the schoolteacher. Fans will discover what secrets have been holding him back from committing to pursuing her. Nathan surprises her when he reveals he’s ready to settle down.

Further sneak peeks of next week’s episode show Elizabeth racing a horse to catch one of her students. He was sitting on a horse, and it ran off with him in the saddle. She mounts another horse and stops the runaway mount, and brings them back safely. When Calls The Heart’s schoolteacher sternly promises a good talking-to when they get back to town.

Finally, Lee Coulter (Kavan Smith) gets injured. Rosemary reflects on what she wants in life after an encounter with a newcomer in town. Will Hearties see Nathan and Lucas compete for their love interest? Can Helen mold Elizabeth into the writer she wants to be? What other challenges are in store for Hope Valley?

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