‘When Calls The Heart’: Nathan Grant Ready for Love?

When Calls The Heart star Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) may finally be ready to find love. Fans of Team Nathan will be excited to see Nathan focus on his wants and desires in Season 8 of the Hallmark frontier show. Hearties, are you ready? The next season begins tonight, February 21, 2021, at 9 pm.

When Calls The Heart’s Nathan Grant’s New Focus in Life

The finale of Season 7 of When Calls The Heart saw Nathan Grant return to Hope Valley after reports of him being shot reached the town. Widow and love interest Elizabeth Thornton runs into his arms as he appears safe and uninjured. Rival for Elizabeth’s attention, Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) watches sadly as the two embrace.

Season 8 of When Calls The Heart brings a new focus to town Mountie Nathan Grant, as his near-death experience made him realize what he really wants out of life. He becomes more centered and direct in his desires. A recent interview with Kevin McGarry indicates viewers will see what Nathan is willing to give up to achieve his dreams in the first few episodes.

Another clue to Nathan Grant’s character in When Calls The Heart appears when Nathan opens up to Elizabeth. Nathan has been holding back his affections, and this season will explain his reasons for that. Fans have been speculating that it has to do with his family, perhaps a sister or other close family member.

When Calls The Heart: Nathan Grant - Kevin McGarry

Nathan Grows as a Father Figure on WCTH

WCTH’s local hero, Nathan Grant, wants to formally adopt his niece Allie Grant (Jaeda Lily Miller), but her estranged father resurfaces. He has struggled in his role as a father figure, trying to be a parent of a half-grown niece. Fans have enjoyed seeing Allie bring joy back to his life.

Both Nathan and Allie of When Calls The Heart have suffered losses, and they each bring joy and stability to the other. Nathan Grant is trying to raise a girl to be a woman. And the little girl teaches her uncle what it means to be a man. Overcoming life’s obstacles brings them closer and gives them the strength to be happy. Especially in light of the sadness they experienced previously.

Nathan has made sacrifices for Allie, such as turning down assignments to stay in Hope Valley. When Calls The Heart’s Nathan Grant will give up even more this season to gain the things he wants in his life. Will one of those things be Elizabeth’s heart? Viewers will have to watch and see as the season evolves.

When Calls The Heart: Elizabeth Thornton - Erin Krakow - Nathan Grant - Kevin McGarry - Lucas Bouchard - Chris McNally

When Calls The Heart’s Love Triangle is Finally Resolved

Hearties following Elizabeth Thornton’s love story since her husband was killed. In Season 5 of WCTH chose sides. Team Nathan and Team Lucas developed with each side having very definite reasons why their favorite should win Elizabeth’s hand. Fans have been promised that Elizabeth will make a decision and will seal it with a kiss.

Team Lucas fans believe the WCTH storyline should move away from the Mountie love interest. Lucas is a businessman, who is wealthy, worldly, and traveled. He has contacts in the publishing world who can help with Elizabeth’s dreams of writing a book. Even Lucas’ mother, Helen Bouchard (Teryl Rothery), comes to town with intentions of helping Elizabeth with her writing.

On the other hand, Team Nathan fans think the When Calls The Heart storyline should stay true to the original book. Which has Elizabeth marrying a Mountie. Being single parents gives Elizabeth Thornton and Nathan Grant a common ground. His reserved nature is a challenge to her. Nathan will reveal what has been holding him back in his affections. He will become more direct and more confident toward Elizabeth and his desires.

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