‘When Calls The Heart’: Nathan Ambushed -Still Gets His Man

When Calls The Heart star Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) has a run-in with an old nemesis. His brother-in-law makes an appearance in Hope Valley, but are his intentions honorable? They need to be because the Mounties always get their man.

When Calls The Heart: Nathan Grant Blackmailed?

When Calls The Heart Season 8 brings a mystery man to Hope Valley, blackmailing Constable Nathan Grant. It turns out this mystery guy is his sister’s husband, Allie Grant’s (Jaeda Lily Miller) father, Dylan Parks (Donavon Stinson). He hasn’t seen Allie in some time and implies to Nathan he’d like to renew their acquaintance.

Nathan orders him out of town, but Dylan pulls a newspaper headline out of his pocket listing how Nathan Grant shot the escaping prisoner. He implies to Nathan that Allie will see it unless he’s paid $1000. WCTH’s lawman orders him out of his office and out of Hope Valley. He leaves, but not without having the last word.

Allie’s father promises Nathan he’ll be back unless he gets his money, forcing him to make a surprising arrangement to pay Dylan off. Part of that plan is moving forward with Allie’s legal adoption, which excites Nathan’s niece on Hallmark’s When Calls The Heart. Nathan makes a deal to have the money to ensure Allie’s safety.

When Calls The Heart: Nathan Grant - Kevin McGarry

WCTH: A Deal is Struck

Nathan Grant goes to a surprising source to fund the blackmail agreement. When Calls The Heart’s Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) is back in town and Nathan approaches Hope Valley’s saloon-keeper and business-man for the money he needs. The two men working together is very unusual, considering their mutual interest in Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow).

Lucas doesn’t ask for details but provides the cash for Nathan Grant’s plan to protect Allie. He ensures sure his niece is looked after before enacting his strategy to deal with her father for good. Hope Valley’s Judge, Bill Avery (Jack Wagner), tries to talk him out of it, but When Calls The Heart’s protector knows he has to go through with his plan.

He pays Elizabeth a visit before he leaves. He appears distracted, and Elizabeth worries when he says he must go out of town. Understandably so, because her late husband got killed on duty in another town. The local hero of WCTH, Nathan Grant, continues with his mission.

When Calls The Heart: Nathan Grant - Kevin McGarry

Nathan gets Ambushed on When Calls The Heart

Nathan Grant leaves Hope Valley, and darkness falls while he rides to his clandestine meeting with his brother-in-law. His nemesis lies in wait to rope him from behind, knocking him from his horse. Dylan reminds Hallmark’s When Calls The Heart Mountie he will come back for his daughter unless he gets paid. And then robs him and kicks him, leaving the lawman on the dusty trail.

This is part of the Mountie’s design all along. He has to get his evil brother-in-law to commit a crime to have him arrested. He plays the unassuming mark quite well. Until he reaches the enemy hideout the next morning. Allie’s father opens the door, shocked to realize When Calls The Heart’s Nathan Grant found him.

Nathan Grant’s idea all along was to have plenty of support when he confronted his brother-in-law in the opening episode of WCTH. Dylan holds Nathan at gunpoint, but more mounties appear and make the evil man submit to authority as soon as he confesses. It’s said that the Mounties always get their man, and in this case, it’s true.

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