‘When Calls The Heart’: Nathan’s Revelation Stuns Elizabeth Thornton

When Calls The Heart widow Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) desperately pushes Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) to tell her what he’s holding back. He finally reveals his secret, but is it what she expected to hear? Will this announcement tear them apart or bring them together?

When Calls The Heart: Elizabeth Thornton Senses Nathan Grant is Holding Back

When Calls The Heart schoolteacher Elizabeth Thornton suspects Nathan Grant has not been completely honest with her. But she doesn’t know what secret he is keeping. With some prodding by Rosemary Coulter (Pascale Hutton), Elizabeth finally decides to confront Nathan once and for all.

During the town celebration for Bill Avery (Jack Wagner), as he prepares to turn in his Mountie uniform, Elizabeth Thornton finds Nathan Grant in the crowd and demands an explanation. But his response is nothing she ever expected. Hallmark Channel’s When Calls The Heart is replete with twists and turns for Hearties eager to discover Nathan’s mysterious past.

Nathan Grant tried to find the right words to tell Elizabeth he was supposed to lead the training mission that caused Jack Thornton’s (Daniel Lissing) death on When Calls The Heart. Nathan said he never told her before because the timing wasn’t right. Elizabeth walks away, tears shining in her eyes at this discovery.

When Calls The Heart: Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) - Allie Grant (Jaeda Lily Miller)

WCTH: Allie Grant Delivers Another Surprise to Elizabeth

Young Allie Grant (Jaeda Lily Miller) is determined to bring her Uncle Nathan Grant and his love interest together on When Calls The Heart. Allie recently shocked both Nathan and her teacher by only inviting the two of them to her adoption ceremony. She has been trying to play matchmaker since Elizabeth Thornton ran from the Constable’s declaration of love in an earlier episode of WCTH.

Allie frequently quizzes Nathan about his feelings for Elizabeth Thornton on When Calls The Heart. Nathan Grant evades and says it’s complicated. But he told her current beau, Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally), that he hasn’t given up on Elizabeth. Lucas replied in a warning tone that he better have Allie Grant and Elizabeth’s best interests at heart.

Elizabeth received an invitation from Allie Grant, but Allie apologized for the adoption ceremony before she opened it. She acknowledged it was wrong not to tell her and Nathan Grant of When Calls The Heart they were the only ones invited. But when Elizabeth Thornton opened the card to find it was meant to set up a dinner date, she told Allie she wouldn’t come. Allie became very upset and accused Elizabeth of not caring before she ran out of the schoolhouse.

When Calls The Heart: Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry)

When Calls The Heart: Nathan Changes His Attitude

Nathan Grant, town protector on When Calls The Heart, has previously been kind and considerate toward Elizabeth. But in the most recent episode of WCTH, he’s very short with her, and his tone of voice is firmer than in the past. Hearties seem sure this change in Nathan’s demeanor means Elizabeth will choose Lucas Bouchard in the end.

When Calls The Heart’s Nathan Grant told Elizabeth the guest list didn’t have her name on it when he saw it. She replied he was hurtful by saying that. He said if she thought that, then she didn’t know him at all. Lucas Bouchard witnessed this exchange between Elizabeth Thornton and Nathan and tried to speak, but the Mountie cut him off with a curt “save it.”

Lucas gets an opportunity to toss it back in his face at the mine. Nathan Grant tried to determine why Christopher Hughes (James Drew Dean) was so angry, but Lucas brushed him off. Loyal Hearties believe Nathan’s part in Jack’s death will put an end to his courtship. Will Elizabeth believe it’s his fault she is a widow? Will Nathan continue his pursuit of Elizabeth Thornton anyway on Hallmark’s When Calls The Heart?

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