‘Unexpected’: Tyra Boisseau’s Glamorous New Look Wows Fans

Unexpected‘s Tyra Boisseau isn’t letting her small-town life keep her from looking fabulous. She usually doesn’t try to get too glamorous, but she’s gone the extra mile this time.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau & Alex Wilson’s Relationship Fails

Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson of Unexpected brought a beautiful little girl into the world. Layla Wilson came into the world happy and healthy, but being teen parents was never easy. In fact, Tyra said that not “beating teen pregnancy” was hard on her.

Tyra from Unexpected worked to make her life better and went off to college. But during that time, she said she dealt with trust issues with her boyfriend, Alex. And since she wasn’t sure she could trust him, she decided she would split up with him.

TLC’s Tyra Boisseau of Unexpected said it was difficult being away from her daughter. And she dealt with issues due to her grandmother’s illnesses. During all of this frustration, Alex and Tyra’s relationship couldn’t make it through these difficulties.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau

Tyra’s Beautiful New Look

Unexpected star Tyra Boisseau surprised fans with a fresh new look. It seems like she not only did one or two things, but people think she looks like she had a major makeover. Some viewers think it might be due to a taping for a tell-all for the show.

Whatever the case, Unexpected viewers say Tyra looks amazing. The biggest change people notice is her newly darkened hair. But another major thing they noticed was Tyra Boisseau’s eyelashes.

Fans of Unexpected said things like, “Imagine being so beautiful” and “You are so cute and can be so funny.” And others asked to see more of her daughter Layla. But that’s not likely until the new season of the show comes on.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau

Unexpected: Coming Back to the TLC Show

Tyra Boisseau will come back to the newest season of Unexpected. She is one of only two of the moms that are coming back from previous seasons. The other mother that will be on the new season is Lilly Bennett.

This Unexpected star’s storyline has a lot to do with her relationship with Alex Wilson. And fans shared their interest to see what took place between Alex and Tyra. And they want to see how big their little girl, Layla, grew up to be.

Tyra Boisseau from Unexpected said she is glad to be back on the show. But there are a lot of people from previous seasons that don’t want to come back on the show. Some of them say that the pay is too low, but it seems like Tyra is more than happy with the pay.

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