‘Unexpected’: Trolls Tell Tyra Boisseau to Drop Out of School

Unexpected star Tyra Boisseau had fans telling her that she should drop out of school. She went to college to further her education and get back to cheerleading. But, being away meant she wasn’t with her daughter Layla. And, fans don’t think she should’ve left home.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau Goes Away for School

In the current season of Unexpected, Tyra Boisseau shared that she is attending college. She got the opportunity to cheer for a school that is a few hours away from where she lives. Tyra wanted to be able to give her daughter, Layla, a better future. So, she took the offer and decided to work towards furthering her education. If she graduates, she will be the first one in her family to do so.

But, between going to classes and cheer practices, the Unexpected reality star didn’t get to go home often. Tyra Boisseau wasn’t able to see her family. She also wasn’t able to spend much time with Layla. However, she did make sure to video call her as often as she could. While Tyra was away at college, Layla stayed with her father, Alex Wilson.

Unexpected: Alex Wilson - Tyra Boisseau

Trolls Tell Tyra Boisseau to Drop Out

Tyra Boisseau went to college to make a positive change in her life. However, some Unexpected viewers think that she shouldn’t be going to school. A fan said that Tyra should be “embarrassed” that she only saw her child once a month. They said that if she “can’t juggle school and having a kid,” then she should pick one. They also said that she “chose to give up” on her little girl. But, they aren’t the only ones who thought Tyra should drop out.

Unexpected‘s Tyra Boisseau’s sister, Tiarra, also thought that she shouldn’t have been so far away from her daughter for school. Tiarra understood that her sister decided to go to college for Layla. But, she doesn’t think her sister made the right decision. Tiarra said that Tyra was “stupid” for leaving her baby girl.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau

Unexpected Celeb Claps Back at Mom-Shamers

Tyra Boisseau has been dealing with many TLC viewers who are mom-shaming her. She said that these people are harassing her every day for things that she did a year ago. She also said that they are “in love with evaluating” her life. However, Tyra did eventually leave school. But, it was out of her control and had nothing to do with the negative comments. Due to the global pandemic, she had to move out of her dorm and go back home.

Tyra Boisseau from Unexpected has been open about her daughter’s current living situation. She said that Layla lives with her and has been for the past year. She even said that her little girl is her best friend. And, now that she is home, she gets to spend all of her time with her kid. Tyra is hoping that the hate comments will stop now that people know that Layla has been staying with her.

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