‘Unexpected’: Tyra and Alex’s Daughter Turns Two – See How Much She’s Grown

Unexpected stars Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson‘s daughter, Layla, recently turned two years old. The TLC stars have enjoyed watching her grow and become her own person. However, fans are debating who Layla looks like more. Is she her daddy’s mini-me — or is she a mama’s girl?

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau & Alex Wilson Celebrate Daughter’s Second Birthday

Two years ago, Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson became teen parents to a baby girl named Layla Wilson. The Unexpected pair dealt with many ups and downs while navigating through parenthood for the first time. However, they have always put their child first. When Tyra decided to attend school hours away, Alex was supportive and took care of their baby. Along the way, they have hit a few rocky patches in their relationship. But, they have always kept their child’s best interests in mind.

The Unexpected reality stars recently celebrated Layla’s second birthday. Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson now have a two-year-old on their hands. Raising a toddler as young parents can’t be easy. But, Tyra and Alex have been able to give Layla the best life they can possibly give her. Surely, they even spoiled their little girl on her special day.

Unexpected: Alex Wilson - Tyra Boisseau

Alex & Tyra Show Love for Birthday Girl

Alex Wilson and Tyra Boisseau showed Layla Wilson a lot of love on her second birthday. The Unexpected castmates love their little one and would do anything for her. Alex said that he would even go to “war” for her. He also said that he “got you forever” to his kid. Alex and Layla have a strong daddy-daughter bond. Having a good relationship with Layla is important to Alex.

On the other hand, Tyra Boisseau from Unexpected shared that she is thankful to have Layla in her life. Getting pregnant at a young age wasn’t easy for Tyra to handle. But, she said that she is “grateful” that Layla was placed in her life. She also said that “words can’t express the love” she has for her kid. Tyra even considers her to be her best friend.

Unexpected: Alex Wilson - Layla Wilson

Unexpected Fans Debate Who Layla Looks Like

Many fans of the show can’t believe how big Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson’s daughter is. These people started to debate if Layla Wilson looks more like her mother or her father. Some thought that Layla is a “spitting image” of Alex. A few people even said that she looks like Alex’s grandmother. But, many also think Layla and Tyra are twins.

However, some Unexpected fans were on the fence about which parent Layla resembles more. One person said that she is “beautiful” like Tyra Boisseau. But, the person also said that she is “strong” like her dad, Alex Wilson. Another one said that they “can’t tell” if she is more like her mom or dad. They think that Layla has the same facial features as Tyra. Yet, they also said that she has similar facial features as Alex as well.

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