‘Unexpected’: Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson Update – Dealing with COVID and Pregnancy News

Unexpected star Tyra Boisseau and the father of her child Alex Wilson are no longer together. While Tyra was away at college, she was facing difficult times with her grandmother’s well-being. As for Alex, he is supposedly about to become an older brother. Continue reading to find out what the pair have been up to since their split.

TLC’s Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau & Alex Wilson Split up

Tyra Boisseau has been focusing on bettering her life. She wants to be able to provide her daughter Layla with the best life possible. So, she has been attending college away from home. Although, she recently finished her first year of college. However, being away from home was hard on Tyra. It meant less time being a mom to Layla. It also caused issues in her relationship with Alex Wilson.

The Unexpected reality star was seemingly dealing with a lack of self-confidence that lead to issues with trust. Tyra Boisseau felt like Alex Wilson shouldn’t have to deal with her trust issues. While she was so far away from home. So, she and Alex thought putting their relationship on hold was the best decision.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau - Alex Wilson - Layla Wilson

Tyra’s Grandmother Diagnosed with COVID-19

While away at college, Tyra Boisseau also had to deal with her grandmother’s health problems. She said that her grandma “has been going through medical problems for a while now.” Tyra would always visit her while she was home from college. However, after a recent surgery, her grandma went to recovery in a rehab facility. Shortly after, Tyra was then no longer able to visit her grandmother due to the virus outbreak.

The Unexpected cast member’s grandmother was recently released from the facility. Due to medical insurance problems. Tyra Boisseau said that her grandma wasn’t able to pay the medical bills. So, she had to go home. However, her grandma then started to feel sick. So, she went to the hospital where she was tested positive for COVID-19.

Yet, Tyra Boisseau said that her grandmother has been “doing well.” The Unexpected young mom also said that she “hasn’t even had a fever.” Tyra asked fans to keep her grandma in their prayers.

Unexpected Update: Alex’s Mom Is Pregnant

Alex Wilson also recently got some news about a family member. He will be welcoming another baby into his family. But, he isn’t the one expecting. His mom, Julie, is supposedly pregnant. She recently shared sonogram pictures online. The news came after she said that “a blast from the past” came back into her life. Though, there has been no indication of who the father of the baby is.

Unexpected’s Alex Wilson hasn’t mentioned anything about his mom’s pregnancy online. Fans know that Alex was brought up by his grandmother. His mother left him when he was little. Although, it seems like this time might be different for Julie. During the reunion, Julie broke down crying after saying that Alex doesn’t have memories of her when he was a child. Surely, she will want to be more present this time around.

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