Unexpected: Tyra and Alex Celebrate Holiday Together – Are They Back Together?

Unexpected star Tyra Boisseau and her baby daddy Alex Wilson recently celebrated a holiday as a family of three. Tyra previously told fans that she and Alex were putting their relationship on hold. While she attended school away from home. However, now that school is over. It seems like the two are rekindling their relationship. And fans are happy to see Layla’s parents together again.

TLC’s Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau & Alex Wilson Go Separate Ways

Tyra Boisseau and the father of her child Alex Wilson became parents at a young age. The Unexpected reality stars were aware of the challenges they would face as young parents. But, it was their goal to be the best parents for Layla. So, Tyra went away for college. In hopes to be able to get a better job to provide for her daughter. While Alex took on the responsibility of taking care of Layla more.

However, the Unexpected parents hit a rough patch in their relationship. Tyra Boisseau didn’t handle being away from home well. She wasn’t able to be there to take care of her daughter all the time. She also seemed to struggle with trust issues. And Tyra didn’t feel like it was fair for Alex Wilson to deal with the issues she had. So, Alex and Tyra thought it was best that they went their separate ways for now.

Unexpected: Alex Wilson

TLC Couple Celebrate Daughter’s First Birthday

Earlier this year Tyra Boisseau finished her first year of college. Now that school is over she went back home. And it seems like she and Alex Wilson have been working on their relationship again. The two were able to come together to celebrate a major milestone. The Unexpected duo is now parents to a one-year-old.

The Unexpected cast members threw their daughter her first birthday party. Pictures of Alex Wilson and Tyra Boisseau celebrating their daughter’s birthday were found online. Layla seemingly had her family and friends around her on her special day. Seeing the pair share the special moment as a family had fans questioning if they were back together.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau - Alex Wilson

Unexpected TLC Update: Are Tyra & Alex Back Together?

Over the weekend, Alex Wilson and the mother of his child Tyra Boisseau celebrated the fourth of July together. Alex shared pictures of the family of three smiling together. And Tyra shared photos of Alex and Layla watching fireworks. Although, the two have yet to confirm if they are a couple again. But, they both left messages on each other’s posts that indicate their relationship is back on. Tyra wrote, “love y’all more than life.” While Alex wrote a similar message. He said, “I love y’all.”

Unexpected fans were glad to see Alex Wilson and his other half Tyra Boisseau rekindle their relationship. One fan said, “I’m so happy you guys are still together.” Another fan said, “you guys are so cute together.” A fan also said, “you are an amazing and adorable family” on the post. Many fans even pointed out how happy their daughter Layla looked in each picture.

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