‘Unexpected’: Tyra Boisseau & Alex Wilson Back Together? – Proof of Reunion

Unexpected‘s Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson were a fan favorite on this young parents TLC show. When they broke up, fans were very upset, but a new photo proves their reunion.

Unexpected: Tyra Boisseau & Alex Wilson T-Shirt Cuteness

Tyra Boisseau and boyfriend Alex Wilson broke up in January of 2020. Fans of Unexpected said they were the only couple on season 3 that had their “sh*t together” on the show. And they were sad to see they split. Everyone wondered if they might get back together when Tyra came back home from school.

Now, a year later, they are back together and getting matching t-shirts with their pictures put on them. Alex Wilson turned 21, and he and Tyra Boisseau went out to celebrate. One of his friends said he got trashed.

It seems like Unexpected dad Alex is very happy now that he and Tyra are dating again. And whatever issues they had before, they worked them out and are doing good. Even on July 4th, they took a photo together, but it was unclear whether it was just for their daughter or if they were together, but this new picture is the proof.

Unexpected: Alex Wilson - Tyra Boisseau

Tyra & Alex’s Adorable Little Family

Unexpected star Tyra loves being a mom alongside her boyfriend, Alex. When they had their problems during college, she said she wanted to focus on her daughter. But now, it seems like they are dating again and focusing on their daughter together.

Tyra Boisseau from Unexpected went out with Alex Wilson on a date when she was on a break from college. But she didn’t seem like she wanted to be there and even said she wanted to go to Miami. She went to Miami for cheer-leading and was hanging out with other guys.

Whatever the case, they got past those issues and are now back together. Fans of Unexpected were happy to see Alex and his girlfriend Tyra parenting their daughter. And viewers said their matching shirts were the best.

Unexpected: Alex Wilson - Tyra Boisseau

Unexpected: Dealing with Life as Young Parents

Tyra Boisseau said she knew Alex for a long time and that he got on her nerves. Alex Wilson of Unexpected seemed to get mad at Tyra as well. Becoming young parents can be stressful, and their relationship went through a test.

Despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship, they found their way back to each other. Even though Tyra’s sister Tiarra Boisseau from Unexpected thought she made a mistake going to college, it seems like she is glad she went. And now that she and Alex can spend some time with each other, it looks like it’s going well.

Fans said it was good to see the young parents working together. And that they have a bright future as long as they stay on the right track.

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