‘Unexpected’: Lexus Scheller Spends Thanksgiving with Special Guy

Unexpected‘s Lexus Scheller decided not to come on the new season of the TLC show. But instead, she’s enjoying her holidays with a special guy and her daughter, Scarlett Massey.

TLC’s Unexpected: Lexus Scheller Finally Finished with Shayden Massey

Lexus Scheller of Unexpected didn’t want to listen to her mother about her boyfriend, Shayden Massey, when fans first met them. In fact, she snuck out of the house to see him. And that’s when they got pregnant. She was only 15 years old and became the 3rd generation of teen moms in her family.

Despite her struggle with liking girls and cheating on Shayden, they kept getting back together. Fans of Unexpected weren’t fans of Shayden Massey, but many people stopped respecting Lexus as well. There were a lot of challenges for the couple, and viewers thought their relationship was toxic.

After a lot of back and forth and many tears, Lexus and Shayden parted ways. Unexpected fans said that it would be best for Scarlett. And now it seems like she moved on totally from the relationship.

Unexpected: Lexus Scheller - Isaiah

Lexus Enjoys Time with Her New Boyfriend

Viewers noticed Lexus Scheller from Unexpected had a new boyfriend. And it looks like they spent the Thanksgiving holiday together with Scarlett. Some viewers don’t think Lexus’ mother approves of this boyfriend either.

Unexpected viewers saw that her new man, Isaiah, said, “I’m on that molly and xans with your daughter.” This language made them think that he was digging at his girlfriend’s mother. And that there might be a strain in the relationship. Now that Lexus Scheller is older, she doesn’t have to listen to her mom, and she can’t keep her away from bad influences.

Some viewers of Unexpected thought Lexus Scheller’s mother caused problems between her and Shayden. But others agreed that he was a bad influence, and now it doesn’t look like this new guy isn’t much different. Whatever the case, fans wish her the best with her relationship.

Unexpected: Lexus Scheller - Isaiah

Unexpected: Raising a Baby as a Teen Mom

Unlike some of the teen parents on the show, Lexus doesn’t have to raise her daughter alone. She and Shayden aren’t together anymore, but he does see his daughter. As a matter of fact, on Halloween, Shayden and his daughter went gathering candy together.

It seems like Lexus, and her ex do well at co-parenting. No one saw that coming since the Unexpected parents fought pretty rough on the show. And Shayden said some terrible things about Lexus Scheller after their breakup.

Viewers are glad they can work together for Scarlett Massey’s sake. And look forward to seeing how adorable she continues to be as she grows up.

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